got a favor

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got a favor

Postby shoottheflames » Sun Jul 23, 2006 6:52 am

Hi guys this is my forum thats about a year old and has over 200 members. It would be really cool if you could join.

The forum has discussions for Classic Rock, Metal, Punk, Blues/Jazz/Country/Folk and a lot more.

There is also sections for Instrument Discussions where you can discuss tabs, problems with you instruments or other cool things about certain instruments. We also have a General Music Discussion board so you can post like your favirote 1 hit wonders, favirote songs, your top 20 favirote albums, and a What Are You Listening To? thread.

We also have off topic forums for all of that other stuff you want to talk about. We also have a bash board to get some shit off your back and just rant about everything that you hate or bugs the hell out of you. We have a Picture/Video forum to post funny pictures, pictures of you, your vinyls, or anything other related to pictures. The last thing we have here is a download section where you can post some of your playing or you playing with bands and have other members check you out.

We have a lot of discussion around here so please come join up and see what YOU can add to the discussions.

The Forum URL:

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