Fan Asylum Interview

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Fan Asylum Interview

Postby jrnyman28 » Thu Nov 06, 2003 10:38 am

This is a GREAT interview about the upcoming DVD. While it can be argued that Perry is trying to make himself look good, I think it is pretty honest. Here are a couple of excerpts I like...

"Though the visuals are great, the audio of today has far surpassed the original sound on those tapes. All the tracks have been digitally remastered, some of which came from the Essential CD. Between Michael Rubenstein on the east coast and myself on the west coast, all the old, original audio tracks on the videos were replaced with the digitally remastered tracks. Now the old videos have an incredible, fresh, new sound that they never had before."

"In the beginning, there was some difficulty with an executive at the record label~ not John Kalodner~over creative problems that I did not give in to. It was suggested by this executive that only a photo of the Escape line-up be used on the back of the DVD to represent the music within. I fought for and was insistent upon the back cover having myself, Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain, Gregg Rolie, Ross Valory, Steve Smith and Aynsley Dunbar represented. Randy Jackson and Michael Baird are also listed with icons next to their names because they were involved in the Raised On Radio videos. There are icons next to each player so you can see who plays on every video. It was not appropriate to put one photo on the package, as it didn't represent the legacy of Journey. I will never forget the early times with me, Neal, Gregg, Ross & Aynsley in the two Chevy Caprice four-door sedans following each other across the country with Dr. Brown (road crew) right behind us in a bob-tail truck, full of equipment equipment."

"John Kalodner wanted the Greatest Hits CD cover to be on the DVD cover. I suggested that we put "DVD" in the red sphere at the top and the "I" in the blue sphere at the bottom to give it a new identity. I wanted "Greatest Hits 1978 - 1997" included and I also requested that all the members' names be on the front cover so everyone knows who is in this package."

"This project started in July....For me, it's been another one of those reflective, emotional journeys that is sometimes difficult to talk about."
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