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Toto - Wouldn't it be cool if...

Postby TotoStu » Thu Apr 18, 2019 12:24 am

Just a fun thread where we can list a couple of cool things that we'd like to see Toto do.

1 - I'd love it if Foo Fighters did a cover of Africa, and like with the Weezer situation - Toto decided to repay the favour. And if Toto were to cover a Foo Fighters tune... it would HAVE to be Learn To Fly.

2 - A Christmas album. After Santamental - Luke said he's never doing a Christmas album again. Which is a shame cause I LOVE Santamental!!! A Toto Christmas album to me is a TOTALLY legit idea. Call it "Toto Xmas" with the X emphasised. The cover could be a variation on the sword and ring motif - maybe covered in lights, holly and other Christmassy shit.
I reckon it would probably be mainly cover versions. You know, Toto's renditions of John Lennon, Wizzard and Slade classics with maybe one or two new festive tunes they wrote themselves.

Still. Pie in the sky. Luke told me himself he'd NEVER do it.


3 - Bit of a personal one this... but I'd love Toto's next live album/DVD to be recorded in London. And them to perform English Eyes and dedicate it to us Brits. On the cover have the Toto logo done up in the colours of the Union Jack.

Anyone else got any ideas?
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