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Night Ranger Marketing

Postby RockInDetroit » Tue May 22, 2007 11:26 pm

This message is about Night Ranger marketing. I would like to tell a story about what happened with me this weekend. I decided to connect with an old friend of mine. He was a really big Night Ranger fan. We used to go see them in concert every time Night Ranger came. He was such a big fan he wrote this mushy letter about how much Night Ranger meant to him...I believe he sent it to the band....this was probably almost ten years ago now...I think when Neverland was released. So anyways I wrote him the other day and said did you know Night Ranger had a new cd out....and I sent him an mp3 of one of the songs. He wrote me back and said he had no idea Night Ranger had a new cd out and he just assumed they broke up again because their website hasn't been updated in years. Night Ranger would like to assume that their fans will go to myspace, but I can tell you that people in their 40's generally don't spend their time on is good to have a myspace site but not good to totally rely on it. I am not sure I would even know where to go to find the myspace site if I didn't hear about it on probably this site. I believe their site is Not something as easy to look up as Anyways because of me, my friend will now buy Hole In The Sun. And his brother will also purchase the cd because he is also a big Night Ranger fan. My point being Night Ranger needs to do more marketing on their own and can not totally rely on their fans to do the Marketing for them. The first step to properally marketing the band is to have the official site have some updates on it.
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Postby IngoK » Thu May 24, 2007 9:15 pm

Agree to you. Don´t understand that way of marketing. No news on the website. :(

Also strange (for me) is the fact of the close release dates of Shaw/Blades, Kelly Keagy and Night Ranger within a couple of months.

Maybe therefore they didn´t promote the new CD so much?
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