Interview with Jack Blades (Part One) at We Will Rock You

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Interview with Jack Blades (Part One) at We Will Rock You

Postby Rockwriter » Wed Oct 21, 2009 8:32 am


Wanted to let everyone know that Part One of my in-depth interview with Jack Blades is now up at We Will Rock You ... -part-one/

In this segment we discuss the upcoming Night Ranger/REO/Styx tour; the set list for that tour; what songs he and Tommy Shaw have been working on for another Shaw Blades record, Influence II; Jeff Watson working with Dennis DeYoung; Jack’s forthcoming second solo record; his philosophy of songwriting and trying to grow musically while balancing that against fan expectations; producing Vince Neil’s upcoming solo album; and why being an artist, singer and musician is an advantage to him as a producer.


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