Interview with Gary Moon

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Interview with Gary Moon

Postby HubieG » Thu Nov 12, 2009 10:56 am

Hello, all,

I found this on Gary Moon's web page. I thought it was pretty interesting reading about his tenure with the band. Not bad having 10,000 folks at your first gig!

Can anyone tell me which benefit concert he's refering to here?



Our first gig was in Dallas. A big benefit that they have every year. Bon Jovi and Edgar Winter were there. They would auction off autographed guitars and the bands would do like four songs. They were going to introduce me at that time. And we were at the upper end of the roster, over King’s X even, and they’re a Texan band! Camel management was really pushing us, you see.

It was probably the greatest moment of my career! 10,000 people – and by then, I knew just how big Night Ranger was. It was an incredible rush.
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