Dream Theater in Perth

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Dream Theater in Perth

Postby majik » Sat Feb 02, 2008 12:11 pm

Who can believe it, after the long wait to see the guys here in Australia that it could all go so wrong. Most of the comments I have read are very generous in what is said of the night. The youtube video while hilarious has ended up deflecting most of the critisism from the actual gig.

Apart from the venue and date change, I only discovered 2 days before and had never realised that there this was yet another change, the first had slipped by. Someone's ass should be kicked hard not necessarily the bands.

Of the gig itself, and that video is distracting most from noticing, the sound was dredful. While I'ma huge supporter and it pains to say it,... I was not impressed at all. I took my 3 sons along and we were in the mosh all the time. The youngest remarked strait off " where are all the amps " and true it looked very bare of amps/cabs.

Into the first song and I began to worry, the sound was very muddy/disorted but its very slighly brightening and I'm thinking give it a chance. Ok. were into 2nd song and the whole right output drops out for about 30sec. and from there I reckoned it was doomed. The sound never got any louder, brighter nothing was cutting through. I like my live music loud and clear and I think my home stereo was actually more powerfull. I was not expecting a studio performance or sound. Cog, one of the loudest cleanest sound I've heard live would have blown them away. So if cog can pullit off,... go figure.

The drums had no power at all and sounded like it was traveling down a pipe, JP's guitar was not cutting through either,.. all night. Keyboards same and bass was totally lost. Again it was the yougest that commented during the show " can hardly hear James Le Brie's vocals " No if a 13 year old could see and hear this well I'm sure it wasn't just me.

Don't get me wrong !

The band were playing brilliant as you would expect but that sound was baaad. From the go it could be seen they were having difficulties in gelling, they never got to that level that I think most would expect, an impossible task under these conditions. La Brie was becoming increasinly angry until he said we can't hear a f....g thing up here and more or less walked off, saying we'll be back when the sound is sorted.

Of course that was to be the end and everyone was stunned into silence and left not knowing what just happened.

Bottom line when the dust settles is, it may seem harsh but lets be honest they are professionals and it was a disaster form beging to end.

My question is : did the band bother to do a sound check at all, it was obvious the power of the sound system was lost in this venue. Why then was it not corrected.
The amplification was pushed to its limit, sounding muddy, with no instruments, drumming or vocals cutting through. It actually was like listening to two mono channels pretending to be stereo.
And what will pushing this hard do, exactly what happened, They Blew the PA and monitors trying to get VOLUME and sacrificing quality, performance, enjoyment of what surely should have been a MAGIC EVENT.

The best part of the tour. I moshed all night with my teenage sons to my favourite band in this world and this is what saved and made it a memorable gig. The rest I have to try to forget.
Aslo, John Petrucci's guitar clinic with Jordan Rudes was really special and with two very relaxed easy goin guys Even this got stuffed up I gave J.P. my rare fan club only xmas cd from 1996 with a silver pen for signing and somehow he managed to sign it in BLACK on a BLACK cover. WTF, he may as well have used invisible ink. As I said doomed from the start.

I hope the next time thay come back to Perth they do their own sound check and give us the real performance that we should have got have got and the full show. Very disappointed another " sad panda" !!
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