Boston - CLarkston, MI 5/15/08

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Boston - CLarkston, MI 5/15/08

Postby Squidward24 » Mon Jun 16, 2008 10:17 pm

I posted this on the site last night after the concert.

Just got back form the DTE Boston / Stevie Nicks show (didn't stay for SN). This was billed as "Doug Fest 2008 featuring Stevie Nicks and Boston" I was not thrilled that Boston was "opening"; however it was a blessing in disguise.

I picked up my ticket yesterday (5-15) because my original concert buddies pulled out due to some personal reasons - fine with me that meant that I would not be staying for SN. My friend’s wife wanted to see SN - but not I or her husband. The person at the ticket counter told me that Boston would be on around 7:20, I usually arrive early anyway, but this day I'm glad I did.

The true opening band was a local group (their name escapes me) when I walked into the venue they were playing "Here I Go Again", the I was assailed with 3 Journey songs "Open Arms", "Separate Ways" and "Anyway You Want It" - thank god their set was short.

Boston came on at 7:10 and left at 8:38. 1 hour and 28 minutes of good old time rock and roll.

I’ve read other reviews about the unbalanced sound but this show didn’t seem to have those problems until Tom spoke, his mike was turned way down. The people were filing into the pavilion as the show progressed and the more people the arrived the louder it got. The people were into the show (at least from my POV) and didn’t mind that it was not the Boston of old. Tommy was a little off; trying to still find his feet in regards to stage presence but did a good job singing. I was really looking forward to seeing Michael. I’ve been a Stryper fan longer than a Boston fan so there was something special about this show. At the end before the encore when Tom was introducing the band the crowd cheered loudest for Tommy, and loud for Michael was well.

All in all a damn good show and worth the $70.00 plus I spent for one ticket.

The setlist:

Rock And Roll Band
Piece Of Mind
Cool The Engines
Feeling Satisfied
Don’t Look Back
Something About You
The Launch
Walk On
Get Organ-ized
Walk On (Some More)
More Than A Feeling
To Be A Man
Hitch A Ride
Don’t Be Afraid
Foreplay / Long Time

PS - I finally figured out who Tommy reminds me of - Burton Cummings (The Guess Who) and Bobby Kimball (Toto) in the looks department that is. Hey it's meant to be funny, and NOT a knock against the guy.
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Postby Moon Beam » Thu Jun 19, 2008 12:00 am

Thanks for rolling out a review Squidward24, looks like it was a good show.
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