Boston; Tropicana Atlantic City, NJ 8/15/08

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Boston; Tropicana Atlantic City, NJ 8/15/08

Postby jimmy19029 » Mon Aug 18, 2008 6:41 am

Alot of Boston fans, myself included, were full of doubts as to whether Boston would(or should) continue after the sad loss of lead singer Brad Delp last year. But out of the ashes has risen this great new lineup. As he was introducing them, Tom Scholz glowed proudly and said: "These are some of the nicest people I've ever shared a stage with." And talented too! Tom's right hand man, guitarist Gary Pihl, is now the veteran alongside all the newbies on stage, having been with the band 23 years. He traded dual leads with Tom, played additional keyboards on The Launch and other tunes, handled the 12 string parts for Amanda and manned the acoustic guitar for Hitch a Ride and Long Time.

The super talented(and quite fetching!) Kimberley Dahme looks to have gotten alot more comfortable on bass since her first tour with the band five years ago. She also did a fine job on the harmonies and her lead vocal turn on Hitch a Ride.

Stryper lead singer, and long time Boston fan, Michael Sweet approached the band last year and was brought in to play for a Brad Delp tribute show. Tom and the others were so impressed with him that they offered him a spot in the band.

And one of the most talked about Cinderella stories of this year is Tommy DeCarlo, a Charlotte, North Carolina native and Boston fanatic who Boston found courtesy of his MySpace page and invited to play at the tribute show last year too when they were knocked out by his voice and its haunting similarity to Brad Delp's. Tommy was(and still is) a credit manager for Home Depot whose favorite past time was singing karaoke in local clubs. This story was very smilar to the way fellow classic rockers Journey found THEIR new guy online (on Youtube).
We were all concerned and curious as to how the new lineup would fare, particularly Tommy & Michael. I'd read early show reports that Tommy was a bit nervous and didn't move much. And apparently, Michael was handling more of the leads at the beginning of the tour. Tommy seems to have gotten much more comfortable on stage, though, as he was moving around quite a bit at our show playing tambourine and running across the front of the stage to shake the outstretched hands. He also contributed keyboards on The Launch & Amanda. Indeed he's very much similar to the cheerleader persona that Brad was onstage. When I'd spoken to Brad after a show he did with his former band, RTZ, back in 1991, he told me he was never comfortable strutting around like a Mick Jagger or Freddie Mercury "I own the stage" type of front person. "They're great", he said, "But that's not me".

Tommy has assumed many of the lead vocals and shares several with Michael, including Peace of Mind, Feelin' Satisfied and More Than a Feeling. Michael really shone on Amanda and To Be a Man (joined on the bridge by Tommy). Both of these were showstoppers and were quite moving. Tom dedicated the latter to Brad and said that even though he is no longer physically on stage with them, the band has felt his spirit with them this entire tour. If Tommy was a bit more laid back, Michael was quite the rock & roll maniac as he ran and jumped around singing and playing guitar, whipping his long hair to & fro. Since this was a casino concert, I was worried that we might get a shortened show(many showrooms are reluctant to have gamblers away from the gambling floor for more than 90 minutes). No such worries tonight as Boston played their full 105 minute set. In fact, this was one of the longer shows on the tour since they'd had to share the stage with Styx and others at some stops. Dare I say, this was an even better Boston show than I'd seen five years ago. That show had been bogged down by several of their Corporate America numbers that hadn't translated as well to the stage. I Had a Good Time was the only track played from C.A. This show was all about the history of Boston as the guys(and gal) ran through most of the songs from the debut, a good portion of the second album and a couple each from their third and fourth. Instead of a spaceship on the lighting rig, this time we got an outer space back drop for The Launch and I loved Tom's extended organ jam on Get Organ-ized! Hitch a Ride, one of my all time faves, was played as well with Michael explaining that it hadn't been played on stage by the group in 20 years.

The only noticeable difference now is the absence of alot of the piercing high notes we used to get from Brad on songs like More Than a Feeling and Smokin'(In fact, even Brad on Boston's most recent tours had been leaving alot of them to the other former Boston lead singer Fran Cosmo). No big quibble though as I was very pleasantly surprised and mucho satisfied with this fantastic new grouping. LONG LIVE BOSTON!

All the shows on the tour, I hear, have been sold out. I was lucky to grab one of the few seats that were left. I ended up next to Lisa, a young woman from Wilkes Barre, who was there with her daughter. Her husband(a HUGE Boston fanatic) had been slated to be with them but had been tied up with work business at the last minute. She and hubby had seen Boston once before(back in 1987) and she was laughing that he had a corvette now in which Boston's 1st album was the only CD played. NOW THAT'S FAN DEDICATION FOR YOU!


The Star Spangled Banner (4th of July)
I Had a Good Time
Rock-n-Roll Band
Peace of Mind
It's Been Such a Long Time (segue)
Cool The Engines
Feelin' Satisfied
Don't Look Back
Something About You
The Launch
More Than A Feeling
To Be A Man
Walk On/
Get Organ-ized/
Walk On (some more)
Hitch A Ride
Don't Be Afraid
Long Time


Current lineup:

Tom Scholz-Guitars/Keyboards/Bass/Percussion/Backing Vocals
Michael Sweet-Vocals/Guitar
Jeff Neal-Drums/Percussion/Backing Vocals
Tommy DeCarlo-Vocals/Keyboards/Percussion
Kimberley Dahme-Vocals/Bass/Guitar
Gary Pihl-Guitars/Keyboards/Backing Vocals
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Postby Moon Beam » Tue Sep 02, 2008 1:43 am

This looks like it was a great show, thanks for posting a review jimmy.
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