Extreme/ King's X (HOB Los Angeles 08-26-08)

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Extreme/ King's X (HOB Los Angeles 08-26-08)

Postby exsgt33 » Thu Aug 28, 2008 4:12 am

Extreme/King’s X (SOLD OUT!)
August 26, 2008
House of Blues, West Hollywood, CA

What a perfect double bill! Both bands emerged in the late 80’s when “Hair metal” was en vogue even though neither band fits the glamorized profile. Both bands possess phenomenal musical and amazing lead/background vocals. The major difference between the two bands is the energy of their live performance. King’s X is more laid back and focused on the grooves. Extreme is all about the hyper manic, over the top, give them everything you got live performance. Say what you want about the silly things that Gary Cherone does on stage, but the man gives every once of energy to entertain and he looks like he’s having fun doing it. In fact, both bands were really into it and the sold out/jam packed ate it up.
King’s X was supporting their new CD “XV” and played a lot material off of it. “Pray” went down the best of the new songs. “Black Flag”, “Dogman”, “Over my head”, and “King” went over well as well. I saw these guys in the early 90’s and they sound better now then they did back then. This band is beyond tight. An amazing and overlooked band.
I’ve seen Extreme at 5 times and this was the best show that I’ve ever seen from them. This band was on fire and the crowd went apeshit from note one of “Comfortably dumb” until the last note of Led Zep’s “Communication breakdown”. Nuno was shredding up a storm. Cherone sounded better than I’ve ever heard him before. Pat Badger, the unsung hero, vocals and bass playing were flawless. The new drummer Kevin was the perfect choice for this band. It sounded like the guy had been playing with them for 20 years. They played a lot of stuff from the first 3 albums, 1 song off of “Waiting for the punchline” and 4 new songs (“Comfortable dumb”, “Star”, “Ghost” and “Take us alive”). My only criticisms would be that I would have liked to hear more new songs in the set and I can’t stand “Tell me something I already know” off of “Punchline.” The song sucked the energy right out the crowd. “Hip today”, “No Respect” or “There is no God” would’ve worked so much better. Despite that, it was a phenomenal show by both bands. I hope more people discover King’s X and thank you to Extreme for coming back. You guys were missed!!!!
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