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Postby PianoMan1986 » Thu Aug 20, 2009 1:40 am


If I had to use one word to describe the show: AMAZING!!!

Maybe not quite a sold-out show, but empty seats were few and far between. Even Rockford's Katie Crowther (WTVO/FOX 39) was at the show as well as Eric Wilson (13 WREX).

This show was the first time I had seen Heart and despite Ann & Nancy Wilson joking about performing material for decades, neither shows their age or any signs of stopping anytime soon. Ann can still mesmerize a crowd with her powerful soaring vocals, while Nancy still complements with great harmonies and enthusiastic (even childlike) guitar playing. The rest of their band was solid as well throughout the night contributing their own idiosyncrasies while still staying true to the music. Their set-list included the fan-favorites and a few other gems that the audience probably didn't expect, but still responded with great response and applause.

As for headliner's, Journey, they truly are firing on all cylinders and seem to have some new life with the addition of lead singer, Arnel Pineda. Of course the band played many of their greatest hits, but also played welcome additions from their most recent album, "Revelation." The only common complaint from anyone at the show was the repetitive confusion from Arnel that "we" were Chicago -- somehow I hoped someone might correct him, but for the show that this awesome band gave Rockford, I think we can let it slide. To my own ears Ross Valory's bass seemed a bit low in the sound mix, but overall everything seemed balanced. As far as technical difficulties, there seemed to be a guitar problem during the intro. for the band's "Wheel in the Sky," although correction was prompt. Neal Schon's guitar playing is still cutting and yet fluid. Jonathan Cain continues to show his versatility between keyboards, rhythm guitar, and harmonica. Ross Valory continues to express (literally) his humor onstage while playing to the fans and carrying the low-end of things. Deen Castronovo is still a powerful force to be reckoned with behind the drums -- if you've attended any other Journey shows, you'll know he has a set of pipes himself when it comes to vocals. Saving the best for last, Arnel Pineda -- small in stature, yet a force of nature singing to the heavens and blazing back and forth across the stage while commanding the audience's attention. Wow, what a sight to watch. The band really has a great chemistry at this point in their careers and I (as well as other fans) look forward to the future. To those of you that decided to "stop believin',"...well, you're missing out.
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