Hall & Oates/Todd Rundgren/The Hooters; Spectrum 10/23

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Hall & Oates/Todd Rundgren/The Hooters; Spectrum 10/23

Postby jimmy19029 » Tue Oct 27, 2009 5:36 am

It's Last Call for the Spectrum, the very first venue I ever attended a concert at.....32 years ago.

This month, Bruce Springsteen has returned to play a bunch of shows there this week and last and Pearl Jam will do the honors next week.

But tonight, it was a celebration by HOMEGROWN talent....local natives Daryl Hall & John Oates, Todd Rundgren and The Hooters.
As part of the festivities, Comcast rolled back the prices of many of the tickets to 1967 Spectrum prices...$4, $5 & $6. When I went down to buy them at the box office the day before the show, I was told that only upper level $4 ones were available. But sure enough, as we walked in right before the show's kickoff time of 8:00, I saw MANY empty seats in all sections. WEIRD!

Ahh well, no harm done. I hadn't been up in the rafters for years and it was surprisingly nostalgic as I remembered being up there for Van Halen back in 1986 and still enjoying one of the best shows I've ever seen by any band! We almost had the whole section to ourselves but were soon joined by a small handful of others. THEN, a bunch of young drunken idiots strolled in and began screaming at the top of their lungs and lighting up some good ol' STANK WEED. Ahh, our last trip would NOT be complete without the drunken louts and wonderful aroma of pot. After a group in the next section yelled at them to SHUT THE F....UP, they vanished soon afterwards.

My partner in crime this evening was my long time friend Larry, who, having attended more shows here with me than anyone else, was the appropriate party to see things out here.

WMMR's Pierre Robert and WMGK's John DeBella were the evening's hosts and were sad to bid adieu to the hall. Daryl Hall later commented, "People now outlast buildings, who would've imagined that years ago..." Electric Factory's Larry Magid, who booked practically all the shows here from the beginning, also came out to say a few words and actor Kevin Bacon and his brother Michael also came out to share their memories of growing up in Philly and seeing shows here. They also plugged a Save the Mummers Benefit they're hosting in December at The Electric Factory.

The Hooters hit the stage around 8:10 with our National Anthem and gave us a great 50 minute sampling of their catalog. I've only seen them once, so it was a great treat to see them again playing 80s Philly radio staples like And We Danced, All You Zombies, Hangin' on a Heartbeat and more. Pity there wasn't more time for them to play as I would've loved to have heard Where do the Children Go, Fightin' on the Same Side, Man in the Street, Don't Take My Car Out Tonight, etc., etc.

After an intermission, Todd Rundgren...THE PRIDE OF UPPER DARBY, as John DeBella introduced him, was on at 9:18 for his turn. "When it comes to hit singles...I didn't bring much to the table...but there was this song", Todd introduced his 1972 hit I Saw the Light. Todd also recalled playing the Spectrum only one other time(in 1980) and said his most vivid memory was of two girls in his entourage getting into a fist fight right before he was to walk on stage. And he recalled accidentally knocking over some of legendary guitarist Jeff Beck's speaker stacks and feeling sheepish the next time he ran into Beck at the Spectrum. Much of Rundgren's set was from his most recent album, Arena. I liked most of what I heard him play from it.

Daryl & John were alloted the most time(a little over 90 minutes) but cut down much of their set to play 60s & 70s Philly Soul covers at the end of their set from the O'Jays and the Delfonics, joined onstage by Todd, Rob Hyman & Eric Bazilion from the Hooters, and The Soul Survivors, who also offered up their big hit Expressway to Your Heart.

Then the troupe returned to the stage for an encore of...DISCO INFERNO. A very odd one to end with, Larry & I both agreed. Somehow I doubt Todd or Daryl & John would've been caught dead playing this song 30 years ago. It's strange how things(and perceptions) change over time.

Hooters Setlist:

Star Spangled Banner
I'm Alive
Hangin' On A Heartbeat
Day By Day
Boys Of Summer
South Ferry Road
All You Zombies
Karla With A K
Twenty Five Hours A Day
And We Danced

Todd Rundgren Setlist:

Love In Action
Black Maria
I Saw The Light
Open My Eyes
Couldn't I Just Tell You

Hall & Oates Setlist:

Out Of Touch
Say It Isn't So
Las Vegas Turnaround
She's Gone
Sara Smile
I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)
Rich Girl
You Make My Dreams
Expressway To Your Heart
Back Stabbers
Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time)
Love Train

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