Nickelback - 29/05/2009

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Nickelback - 29/05/2009

Postby Rockingbear » Tue Feb 22, 2011 7:49 am


Hallam FM Arena, Sheffield

Friday 29th May 2009

Support Band: Black Stone Cherry

On the back of their successful “For All The Right Reasons 2008 Tour” Nickelback returned to these shores only eight months later to perform their “Dark Horse 2009 Tour”. The lights went out and then came an almighty explosion before the band hit the stage; those that did not know that they were at a rock concert certainly did now! The open salvo of “Something In Your Mouth” & “Because Of You” were hard, loud & heavy.

Due to their increasing popularity with the youngsters and the females, a large proportion of the audience demographic, Nickelback do not possess the archetypical rock crowd.

Next up was “Photograph” with the usual video back drop of the band members in their youth back in Canada; three quarters of the way through the track an image of Meadowhall appeared on the screen to much amusement. Then followed several more images of Sheffield, including Def Leppard.

“Timmy” Dawson, Chad Krueger’s guitar tech & unofficial fifth member of Nickelback, added additional guitars on several tracks throughout the evening & received his usual overwhelming reception. The rhythm section of Mike Kruger (bass) & Daniel Adair (drums) were exceptional tight throughout the whole show and Ryan Peake was his usual understated self.

The trio of “Figured You Out”, “Savin’ Me” & the excellent “Far Away” followed before Chad announced it was time for a jam session. Chris Robertson from the brilliant support band, Black Stone Cherry, came on to the stage to take lead vocals on the AC/DC classic “Highway To Hell”. Not as good as the original that I had witnessed a few weeks earlier in Birmingham but, nonetheless, a stonking rendition.

“If Everyone Cared” was backed with the usual poignant video of the people in history that have made a difference by their actions. The band then came to the front of the extended stage to play the brilliant “If Today Was Your Last Day” and the kids/housewives favourite “Rockstar”.

Daniel Adair’s drum solo was standard fare even with the elevated drum kit. He is certainly a very capable drummer but not in the same league as his fellow countryman Neil Peart (Rush).

The song that introduced most people to Nickelback, “How You Remind Me” was up next; this is a song with more hooks & catches than a fleet of North Sea trawlers. The first part of the set was brought to a rousing climax with “Too Bad” during the chorus, which, the whole of the Arena was bouncing up & down.

The first encore was another cover version & showed that the band certainly has got its finger on the pulse. Ryan Peake took lead vocals on the Kings Of Leon’s “Use Somebody” – probably the last time you will hear this song by this band. “Someday” slowed it down once again before the band closed the set in pyrotechnic splendour with the awesome “Animals”.

Nickelback certainly know how to put on a great rock show and though the sound was not quite as good as last years the overall performance was another step-up. Chad unquestionably likes a parley with the crowd but is very genuine and fortunately it was not quite as OTT as the previous tour. I could definitely have done without the five minute interlude whilst the roadies propelled t-shirts into the audience from Nickelback customised launchers but the latter is me just being an old cynic!
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