TUFF ROCKS BRAZIL - Sao Paulo, Brazil - August 13TH, 2011

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TUFF ROCKS BRAZIL - Sao Paulo, Brazil - August 13TH, 2011

Postby MrSexx » Tue Aug 23, 2011 12:10 am

It was meant to start at 2:00 a.m. on Saturday, August 13th. I got there a couple of hours earlier and had the chance to experience what was going on before show. Inferno Club is really a cool place for a gig. The venue’s structure is quite impressive, not to mention its organization and staff. Having gone to so many gigs, I can tell that Inferno Club is really one of the hottest places of Sao Paulo. The TUFF show was a Glamnation event – a hard rock party that is on every two weeks. Thanks to Joey (Inferno Club’s owner), Angie (Inferno Club’s press assistant), and everyone else at Inferno Club, who made it all happen, and who were more than willing to help this guy here cover the whole story. Stevie and Todd were there selling TUFF merchandise themselves for a while, and once again were totally available for each and every fan that came to them for either a picture or an autograph, no matter if they bought something from them or not. And let’s say that there were about 250 – 300 people attending the event – let’s say it’s a pretty good number, considering that there was another show in Sao Paulo on the same night – Zakk Wylde’s Black Label Society…
The show started at 1:00 a.m. with the opening act Sleaze Vice, who played a nice gig and warmed up for the fans, who were anxiously waiting for the TUFF show.

2:10 a.m. was the time TUFF got onstage. It was really exciting seeing Stevie and Todd playing together again, after almost 20 years. People went wild as the band played the first chords of set opener “God Bless This Mess” (from “Fist First” / “Religious Fix” albums), breaking into crowd pleasers “Spit Like This” and “Ruck A Pit Bridge”, both from “What Comes Around Goes Around” album. Stevie and Todd, even being in their mid-forties, rocked just like they did 25 years ago. “In Dogs We Trust” came next, sounding heavy, tight and brilliant. Stevie still has everything a frontman should, and had the whole crowd in his hand. What came next was a good surprise. Stevie and Todd got to know the day before about Warrant’s Jani Lani’s passing away (Actually, I was the one who told them about it), and Stevie made sure everyone remembered Jani as one of the most talented musicians of their generation. He also mentioned that TUFF’s first show with him as their lead singer was opening for Warrant back in 1987, and it was clear he was touched remembering that. Stevie and Julio Mendoza (one of their back up guitar players) performed parts of Warrant’s “Blind Faith” and “Heaven”. After all these years, it was really touching getting to know Stevie was still thankful to the friend that helped him in the early days.
“I Hate Kissing You Goodbye” (TUFF’s biggest song and only MTV video hit) came next, followed by “So Many Seasons” (both from “What Comes Around” album), were sung along by every single person there, and one could easily see some people with tears in their eyes.

TUFF came back to rocking hard with “Good Guys Wear Black” and “Tied To The Bells”, two of their best songs ever. A cover of Michael Monroe’s “Dead, Jail Or Rock N’ Roll” was also a nice surprise, and the set was done with “The All New Generation”, also one of TUFF’s greatest and most popular songs, once again driving the crowd wild.
After a brief intermission, TUFF was back onstage for the encore. They rocked hard again with “American Hair Band”, from their “The History Of Tuff” – this is the song that brought them back into the scene, a parody of Kid Rock’s “American Bad Ass” with accompanying music of Metallica’s “Sad But True”. It was clearly one of the top moments of the show – you could barely hear Stevie’s vocals, due to the crowd’s singing along to it! Mötley Crüe’s “Live Wire” came next, with a local singer fronting the band, and having Stevie back on it from the middle of the song on. They closed the set with Poison’s “Talk Dirty To Me”, mentioned as “the local party song”.

It was definitely one of the best shows Sao Paulo has already seen, if you’re talking about 80’s American Hair bands. We’ve had Pretty Boy Floyd, Adler’s Appetite, Tracii Guns’s L.A. Guns… but TUFF was more than special. Stevie’s holding the crowd was already mentioned, and it was just perfect. Todd’s also worth being mentioned for his down to earth performance and bass playing – he’s not only a rock star, one can say he can really play the bass, he’s an awesome musician and human being. And the backing band also deserves some good credit – drummer Caio Gaona and guitarist Julio Mendoza’s performances were far above average, and it was clear why TUFF had them play with them here.
In short, TUFF’s coming to Brazil will not be forgotten by the ones who witnessed, in any way, any part of this adventure trip back to the 80’s. It’s only hard to understand why this band did not become the next big hit of their time – they could have easily been the next Guns N’ Roses.

Stevie Rachelle: Lead Vocals
Todd “Chase” Chaisson: Bass Guitar & Vocals
Brazilian Backing Band:
Julio Mendoza: Guitar And Vocals
Caio Gaona: Drums
Arthur Concer: Guitar

God Bless This Mess
Spit Like This
Ruck A Pit Bridge
In Dogs We Trust
Blind Faith / Heaven
I Hate Kissing You Goodbye
So Many Seasons
Good Guys Wear Black
Tied To The Bells
Dead, Jail Or Rock N’ Roll
The All New Generation
American Hair Band
Live Wire
Talk Dirty To Me
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