Grand Illusion/Pieces Of Eight DVD Question

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Grand Illusion/Pieces Of Eight DVD Question

Postby RumTumJM » Mon Feb 06, 2012 2:40 am

This question is rather nit-picky...but I figured this is probably the best place to ask it.

During Castle Walls, listen to the "tubular bells" mid-section. We all know that after Todd's crazy, double bass fill, comes that intense, obnoxious synth chord. (Kick ass moment in the song, in my opinion.)

Simply, on the DVD/Blu-ray, is it me, or does Gowan play the wrong note. Everything else in the song is the same key, notes, etc. But that BIG synth chord seems lower (in key) or something like that. Is it me/my system, or did I catch something?

For those who really know music...was this likely just a goof my Gowan (and evidence of a live show) or something from the editing. All of the YouTube videos clearly display him playing it right.

With that said, can you tell I am a Styx nut/nitpicker? HAHAHA!

Here's an audio clip, of what I am talking about. (From the iTunes download)
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