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DDY Facebook posts

Postby Toph » Fri Dec 05, 2014 11:48 pm

If you don't follow DDY on FB you should, he's been putting out some intereting stuff out there lately and answering random questions. An example...

Hey everybody,

You people are in trouble now I will be sitting in my Quebec hotel room all day long most of December with nothing much to do.

First to Josh and his mom glad you had a good time, next year please come as Jonas Psalter. Let's see who gets that reference.

Thanks kids for posting Rubicon. Enjoy the angst and then the redemption.

Questions, questions, questions. Here are some answers:

The family photo is from Mothers Day 1982 at my sisters house. She and her husband Jim no longer own this house and I no longer own those white shoes. Oddly Matthew still wears that outfit to all family gatherings. Why do all these people have white shoes?

Under the Tull post Kessler sent a pic of me looking mean, what you cannot see is that while I slept John Panozzo had handcuffed me to my organ...no not that organ silly. By the way that photo appeared in a newspaper article and after seeing it I vowed to shave my beard because I thought I looked like Charles Manson.

I wonder what the king is doing tonight, hell I had completely forgotten about that. Does anyone know what that refers to? Correct that was what Pricilla asked Esposito.

Norway huh, I ate reindeer the last time I was there. My dad was half Norwegian.

Christopher Mr. Christopher is about loss of faith. When the Catholic Church decided St. Christopher was not worthy of sainthood, I imagined a nun who had made him her patron saint. In protest I kept him on my dashboard. I have read over the years that I am a devout Catholic, that would be confusing me with my wife. Though raised Catholic I am the guy who from time to time lyrically tries to examine faith in the context of "how the Sam Hill does this whole thing work. "Every night I say a prayer in the HOPE that there's a heaven".

The mayor Jane Byrne photo was 1981 and we all got a placque. My hair was done that day by Little Orphan Annie. I think I gave mayor Jane a Paradise Theater tour jacket.

No 5.1 blue ray. My home studio does not have 5.1 capabilities and to be truthful I have never been a fan. Music in a live concert except perhaps and odd Pink Floyd show comes to you from the front in minimum stereo with no rear speakers. Besides whenever I listened to anything with rear speakers and heard sounds coming from behind me I would constantly be turning around to see who was sneaking up on me. However is you listen carefully you'll find that August's scarf is in Mono. By the way I think the Japanese did a fold back 5.1 simulation.

Yes I had the grey Epcot suit made and it is a replica of the Beatles Hard Day's Night suit. I almost went with the black Sullivan suit but Sullivan refused to take it off.

Kilroy and jump the shark? Fonzie made me do it.

First night in Quebec was all one could hope it would be. Le Capitole rocked. I will have photo's shortly.
Cheers d
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