Dennis DeYoung at Speedstreet. Charlotte NC 5.22.2015

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Dennis DeYoung at Speedstreet. Charlotte NC 5.22.2015

Postby swwskj » Sun May 24, 2015 3:23 pm

Let me preface this by saying that Dennis is my favorite male vocalist ever and I wish it was 1980 and he was still in Styx.

This was my first time seeing Dennis solo. I've seen Tommy and Glen solo before , Styx in 1996 during the reunion tour and Styx 6x with the current line up.

Styx always has been about the period up to Paradise Theater. Kilroy lost some folks and everything since then has been either partial lineups or nostalgia tours.

Do I think Styx was best with Dennis? Absolutely. Do I think Styx and Dennis are better now as two different entities? Yes.

Dennis is a bit of a goof and I think even he'd admit that. He's theatrical and ballad heavy. That turns most rock and roll fans off. But I still love the songs he wrote from 1972-1980, just like the crowd at every Styx show I've ever been to would validate.

Styx has a more talented band by far. Dennis and his band, with August Zadra in particular, are no slouches. But Styx has the brand name behind them, pretty tough to compete with.

After 1980 Dennis began heading his way and the rest of the band theirs. And never again shall the twain meet.

Dennis sounded great, especially considering he's 68. A fact he brought up during the show. "How many of you are seeing me for the first time tonight? Well what took you so long, I'm 68!"

It was also nice to hear some songs live that Styx avoids...Roboto, Best of Times, Suite Madame Blue, Show Me the Way, and yes even Babe. Speaking of Babe, if you think the general public bores of hearing it, you're wrong. It, Lady and Come Sail Away were the 3 songs that people went craziest over.

Setlist for those interested...

Grand Illusion
Too Much Time
Show Me The Way
Desert Moon
Blue Collar Man
Rocking the Paradise
Prelude 12/Suite Madame Blue
Best of Times/A.D. 1958
Come Sail Away
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