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Hurry Up Suite- I have TOTAL Faith In You!

PostPosted: Thu Mar 30, 2017 11:18 pm
by yogi
Just like when you got us to DDYs sound check, got my wife and I backstage to meet DDY, met Glen ,DDYs son, Tim O etc , I have TOTAL faith in you. Because of that TOTAL faith I booked tickets last night to see DDY in Bossier City La on May 27. He and his band are playing at a casino there. We actually saw Aaron Lewis there last year and it was a GREAT show. Its 45 minutes from the house so Im pretty psyched.

With that in mind a Lost Treasures show sounds GREAT, my set in another 'assembly line' would make it EPIC!!! I hope ( I mean I know) you can work your magic. If a TOTAL Lost Treasures show is out of the question please please convince him to get Born For Adventure, Cross The Rubicon, and Golden Lark in the mix.

I would owe you AGAIN BIG Time!!!