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T.O.(Kind Of)- Bobs Burgers- Dream Theater/Styx

Postby yogi » Tue Apr 25, 2017 2:44 am

Last Night on Bob's Burgers Bob took his son to a laser rock show. It was the closing of the town planetarium and the album playing was a hard rocking progressive concept album from Bob's past. My son and I were watching this and it was classic.
Anyway Bob doesnt tell his son what the albums about and when the show starts his son totally freaks out and sprints out of there. Bob is crushed but in the car when he describes the concept his son falls in love with it and they go back in.

The concept is: The ruling government has stifled all forms of personal expression and has outlawed rock and roll. A rebel army rises up to fight the opposers. The rebel army wins the war by rolling this HUGE bolder down a hill crushing the government's army ( rock & roll). Unbelievable parody of Dream Theater's The Astonishing and Robert Orin Charles Kilroy ( Kilroy Was Here).

I had taken my son to see the Astonishing and he thought without a doubt it was a Dream Theater parody. He also laughed his ass off about DDY and Robert Orin Charles Kilroy.

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