The last first time!

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The last first time!

Postby ChicagoSTYX » Wed May 24, 2017 6:28 am

I remember the first time I heard Pieces of Eight. A Chicago radio station (I think it was The Loop) had a special premier of the album before it's release, straight through, commercial free at 9pm. I couldn't wait to hear new music from my favorite band! I recorded the album from the radio onto a cassette tape while I listened through my headphones that night. I wanted to be able to play it back until the album was finally released a week later. At that time, it was expected that you would get a new album from Styx, Journey, and REO, almost every year. Those days are long gone but the joy and excitement of new music from my favorite band is not gone. As I look forward to The Mission, I also know this may be the last real album of all new material we get from Styx. (hope I'm wrong) I really never thought we would get this album considering how long it had been since the last one. (14 years) I plan to make the most of this. You only get to hear a new album for the first time once! I have ordered a vinyl copy of The Mission and plan to place it on my turntable, (need to make sure it still works first) put on my headphones, and listen like its 1978! With a gatefold cover and lots of pictures, hidden meanings in the cover, and liner notes, it will be a night (and a listen) to remember. One last first listen to a new Styx album. Thanks to Styx for giving me a piece of my youth back if only for 42 minutes. Just like in 1978....I cant wait to hear it!
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Re: The last first time!

Postby Abitaman » Thu May 25, 2017 4:09 am

I remember doping the same things with my favorite bad.

I was excited about the Mission and really liked Gone, Gone, Gone. But Radio Silence is ok. Hopefully it will be a good cd.
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