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Postby masque » Sat Jul 01, 2017 1:25 am

man I have been wearing this album out and I freaking love it!

I'm not sure what people expect from artists......I mean when rush released grace under pressure, power windows and hold your fire and even sounded nothing like rush other than geddy's voice. that was the music they wanted to write, period......people could either like it or not. i liked it.

same for me with any other artist including styx. it's what they wanted to write and release at this moment in time. people either like it or not. but "wanting" it to sound like "styx" is sort of silly......what does that even mean?

when you listen to the song man of miracles next to babe, next to renegade, next to mr. roboto, next to boat on the river, next to castle walls, next to borrowed time, what the hell is a "styx" sound anyway???????

the fact that the band always pretty much wrote whatever they felt is what makes them so appealing to me to begin with. and the only way an average listener has any idea those songs above are connected in any way is because you may possibly recognize the singer from one song to the next or the background vocals blending together.....otherwise, people would think it was multiple bands.

so why is anyone surprised about the tone of the song writing on the mission? tommy wrote was came to hime with his buddy and some help form gowan. like what has been said, it is what it is, and I for one, am thankful for it, because I love it!
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