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Tommy and the CYO

Postby brywool » Mon Jul 10, 2017 1:13 pm

Man, I LOVE Tommy Shaw, but AXS TV cannot get a live mix right to save their life. There are spots where the CYO buries Tommy and other times where it completely drops out even though they're still playing. Not getting that with AXS. It's like the same guys that do the Tributes show did this one (and those are always funky mixes).

Great to hear some Tommy solo stuff and very cool to hear Come Again from DY. It amazes me how Tommy sings so quietly and hits the notes he does. Such a great voice... all with a bottle of "Entertainer's Secret" sitting next to him on a stool. It's gotta be because he's been singing for years without taking a ton of time off, so his voice is always ready to go, unlike others that take years off and then can't sing. WOULDN'T it have been cool if Dennis DeYoung walked out and did the accordion bit on "Boat on the River"? Just woulda been awesome and a great way to close a door for Tommy and Dennis.

Favorite parts were when the young gal violinist from the old Styx CYO show comes up and plays at the end of "Renegade" and then she and a young Asian boy trade off great solos at the end of "Come Again". LOVE seeing these KIDS get to do this. It's VERY cool that Tommy and Styx have done this with this YOUTH orchestra. So cool.

Bravo Tommy. Wish the mix was a bit better. but a great show.
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