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Re: Another year of HOF nominations out and...

Postby Boomchild » Fri Dec 01, 2017 9:17 am

Toph wrote:I can find many quotes that demonstrate the love for Styx. I know you don't want them to make the HOF Boomer. Quite frankly I don't know why you are a fan of the band because you make sure you are damn critical of the classic lineup.

Since you CLEARLY have a comprehension problem, I will try to put things in the clearest and simplest words.

I have said that PERSONALLY I believe Styx should be considered for nomination into the RRHOF.

What I am pointing out is that those that are in control of RRHOF nominations do not share the same opinions. Otherwise we would have seen the band put up for nomination.

You confuse the points I make about what people in the in the industry say and feel about Styx as my personal views. They aren't.

To be clear, in my PERSONAL opinion, Styx is what has been often referred to as the "classic lineup". PERSONALLY I do not look at the current version of the band as being Styx. I would go even further to say that Styx without the involvement of DDY is not Styx. On a side note, this statement is not being made to trigger yet another string of posts on this subject. It's just my personal opinion and I'm sure is not the same as others.

As far as finding comments that are positive about the band, I'm sure they exist. But it is about the COMPLETE PICTURE. When it comes to people in the industry, the negative or critical opinions and comments have exceeded the positive ones. Case and point, I mentioned the article posted in the "power ballad" thread. The commentary about Lady and the band was passive\aggressive. Above all, not very complementary. Just so you don't get confused, the comments by the author of said article are NOT MY opinions and comments.

Lastly, throughout this entire thread you have been criticizing posters in what they think the reasons are that Styx has not been considered for induction. While doing so YOU have NEVER put up what YOU think the reasons are. This gives you ZERO credibility on the subject and discussion. Surely a person who has claimed "works in the industry" can explain what they think the reason Styx hasn't been nominated nor inducted. What's the problem Toph? It seems that you either do not have any reasons to present or you are afraid at what others may say about them.

So now, if you cannot distinguish when I am talking about my own personal views and opinions to when I am talking about the other people's views and opinions, NO ONE can help you.
"If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter." George Washington
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