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Your Styx collection

Postby StyxGuy » Wed Aug 08, 2018 9:39 am

Fun topic maybe?

What do you have in terms of Styx collectibles?! Special vinyl, picks, autographs, etc!

I'll start!

Setlists form stage - 2015 (Rama, ON) and 2018 (Toronto, ON)
Picks - JY + Ricky 2015, JY 2016, and JY 2018

I've got a copy of PoE autographed by Dennis, Tommy, JY, and Chuck and have an autograph from Todd and Glenn on a piece of paper. Got Dennis to sign my Return to Paradise CD and Todd, Glenn and JY on Arch Allies.

Then my record collection is pretty big, so it's here if you care to look. a few coloured vinyl and some picture discs :) ... esc&page=2

Styx starts at the bottom and it's 'Next' through to the top of page 6 ;)
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Re: Your Styx collection

Postby Abitaman » Wed Aug 08, 2018 7:08 pm

Autographed 100 Years From Now.
Autographed back stage pass to DDY show in Memphis 2005
around 100 bootleg SRP shows.
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Re: Your Styx collection

Postby FormerDJMike » Wed Aug 08, 2018 7:32 pm

Here is some of my collection but not all:

I left some of them out for some reason, don't know why. Was probably in a hurry.
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Re: Your Styx collection

Postby masque » Thu Aug 09, 2018 4:25 am

let's see;

vinyl albums of serpent is rising and man of miracles with original album covers

signed grand illusion album cover by TS

ambition vinyl album cover signed by TS

TS and JY guitar picks

original tour shirts from the Main Event tour, paradise theatre tour and kilroy tours

original paradise theatre cardboard promo piece of the paradise sign they used above the stage

local 78's st. louis sold out concert tour shirt

"fool's paradise" vinyl bootleg concert album

styx promo poster that was allegedly framed and hanging inside the A & M offices for years.

of course all of the albums, solo albums on either vinyl, cd or 8 track.

guitar player magazine from early 80's with TS and JY on cover.

that's all I can think of right now........I will have to give this some thought and see if I am forgetting anything.
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Re: Your Styx collection

Postby yogi » Thu Aug 09, 2018 4:28 am

Big Bang Theory Album autographed by Froy & Toph
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Re: Your Styx collection

Postby brywool » Thu Aug 09, 2018 6:30 am

yogi wrote:Big Bang Theory Album autographed by Froy & Toph

NO. He's NOT Steve F'ing Perry. But he's Arnel F'ing Pineda and I'm okay with that.
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Re: Your Styx collection

Postby gr8dane » Thu Aug 09, 2018 7:22 am

Nothing that exciting.
My cd's and my ticket from Cornerstone and PT tour.
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Re: Your Styx collection

Postby yogi » Fri Aug 10, 2018 2:11 am

1. Old Samsung Cell Phone Autographed in white suppose to be permanent marker by DDY ( its faded badly)
2. Equinox & Edge of The Century ( 2 on 1 CD) autographed by DDY and Glen
3. Sparky The Flying Dog Tshirt autographed by DDY
3. Brave New World & Cyclorama CD's autographed by: Tommy, JY, Glen, Gowan, Todd
4. Some sort of European Styx Greatest CD ( double disc0 where Styx is spelled STIX
7. Paradise Nevada CD (2)
8. A Styx recording with DDY where they played with an orchestra
9. 2 Tommy Shaw solo college concerts ( Girls With Guns Tour)
10. Original Paradise Theater Tour recorded in Baltimore ( great sound)
11. Original worn to death under my hockey & baseball uniforms The Main Event, Paradise Theater & Kilroy Was Here Concert T's
12. The Grand Decathlon & Edge of the Century Concert T's
13. St Paul Dispatch Article of Edge Tour where DDY praises Glen
14. Magazine AD promoting Styx's new single Borrowed Time stating that Borrowed Time will surely be Styx's next big Hit
15. Magazine AD promoting new hit Styx music from Brave New World
16. A Gold Styx CD ( greatest hits Styx CD) found in a used record store in Appledorn, Holland
17. Styx Belt Buckle ( state fair)
18. Equinox Clock
19. Tons of poorly recorded bootleg concerts ( most with Gowan not DDY)
20. Original Wooden Nickle LP's Serpent Is Rising, Styx 1, Styx 2, Man of Miracles and also all the cartoon covers
21. Every Styx A&M album X3 with Equinox X 2 with The Grand Illusion, Pieces of Eight & Cornerstone
22. Every released Styx CD X2( at least)
23. All solo DDY, Tommy & JY releases on CD + Shaw/Blades ( with bonus songs X2) + Strange Animal & Gowans Greatest Hits
24. The Main Event & Kilroy Was Here Concert Books
25. Styx Guitar Tab & Piano Cord Books
26. JY, Tommy, Glen & Chuck guitar pics
27. 45's of Lady, Children of the Land, Blue Collar Man, Sing For The Day, Renegade, Come Sail Away(edit), The Best Of Times, Too Much Time On My Hands, Nothing Ever Goes as Planned, Music Time, Fooling Yourself, Superstars, Castle Walls, Queen of Spades, Why Me, Lights, Love Is the Ritual,Homewrecker
28. Chucks & Sterlings books
29. Styx Greatest Hits album from Europe
30. 4 Tommy Shaw Borders VHS tapes
31. All Damn Yankees albums plus Damn Yankees Uprising VHS video & Dont Tread on Me T shirt
32. Every Glen Burtnik CD including Hereos & Zeros up to Welcome To Hollywood- Autographed Welcome to Hollywood & Palookaville CD's
33. DDY videos Desert Moon, Dont Wait For Hereos, Call Me & Boomchild all on one VHS Tape
34. Japanese Styx CD -Greatest Hits Reepo + Styx Sampler CD
** all I can think of right now
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