Jimi Jamison a little bit alive again!

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Jimi Jamison a little bit alive again!

Postby Flip » Sat Apr 11, 2015 4:33 pm

Just listened to the track "Summer Rain" with Jimi Jamison on vocals and man what a strange experience this is!
Still so sad Jimi is gone but a great blessing his music is still there to remind him and now a new song, it gave me goose bumps all over!
The track "Summer Rain" is available on the new Radioactive album called "F4or".
Besides Jimi there are also two tracks from Fergie Fredriksen (RIP) and other great vocalists like Bobby Kimball, Robin Beck, Jeff Paris, James Christian and the list goed on!
Tommy Denander is the great mastermind behind Radioactive, thank you Tommy for bringing back Jimi although it's only for 4.41 minutes!

Here you can buy the CD : http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/DAKRBNCD-1186
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Re: Jimi Jamison a little bit alive again!

Postby Kid Dynamite » Thu Apr 30, 2015 7:07 am

An awesome album it is! What's that "Heart Come Alive", best chorus of the year so far. The 2 songs with Fergie are very enthrilling and there's also one catchy song penned by JP, "Natural Born Dreamer" that should be part of the regular disc.

Nice to hear something "new" by JJ, although the song isn't that great imo.
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