Just Interviewed Dave Bickler For Beats & Eats

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Just Interviewed Dave Bickler For Beats & Eats

Postby Slander » Fri Apr 01, 2016 5:04 am

Hi everyone,

I just interviewed Dave Bicker for my Beats & Eats podcast. Wow, what a gentlemen. If you like, you can listen here http://bit.ly/1X0qAVE
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Re: Just Interviewed Dave Bickler For Beats & Eats

Postby def » Tue Apr 05, 2016 7:33 am

I really enjoyed the interview and the most interesting news for me seems to be, that he obvoiusly never sang demos of the VS tracks. Thanks for clearing that one Slander, although i had wished that there would be some demos with DB.

Unfortunately so many other questions have not been discussed:
1. Why hasen't there been a live album with DB?
2. Are there any pro recordings from the time together with JJ that were planned for a release?
3. Did they demo new songs in that period?
4. Why have the songs of the radio city project never been offered to the public, not even as mp3-downloads?
5. Are there a bunch of unplugged recordings of Survivor?
6. What happened to the vast amount of unreleased track or demos? Has there ever been the idea of a fan box set with rarities and lost gems?
7. Does pro live video footage of the DB or the DB/JJ phase exist and if so, why hasen' t it been released?
8.what takes DB that long to release his album? Has he ever considered to team up with another song writer?
9. Any chances of a collaboration with JP?
10. Does DB know anything about tje whereabouts of Steve Ellis?

I could go on for so many other interesting questions...maybe you can use some for the next interview
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