Where's The Love For Scrap Metal?

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Where's The Love For Scrap Metal?

Postby Final Frontiers » Wed Aug 20, 2014 10:58 am

I've been on this site a few months now and while I haven't gone through every page on every forum. I thought I knew what was what. But I'm just curious to know what everyone thinks of Scrap Metal? Matthew & Gunnar Nelson's All Starr Band :D .


Scrap Metal has a revolving cast of players including members of bands like:

Night Ranger
Lita Ford
Mr. Big
Jeffery Scott Soto formerly of Journey
The Late Jani Lane

The philosophy of the band is to play the hits. It would be nice if they could get together and make an album.

1) People have to know who the hell you are. You had to have been a lead singer for a band from 'our era' that had real hits... I'm talking about the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, not just the Rock 40 Chart. During the decade of decadence, there were a ton of bands who had 'hits' on the rock chart that no one knows or remembers now, because that chart was for a niche market. If you had a top ten song in the Hot 100 Pop Singles chart, that means you made the big time. It means that people in the real world, not just hardcore rock fans, know who the hell you are.

2) You have to still look like you give a damn. Looks are important. No one wants to see their favorite star from their high school hit parade looking like bloated road kill onstage. It reminds fans, too starkly, of their own mortality. We're here to help people escape and feel unstoppable, like they did during the best times of their lives when the promise of their futures were down the road ahead, and they were rockin' out to our tunes in their spiritual convertible Ferrari.

3) No substance abuse issues are tolerated in THE SCRAPS, whatsoever. That eliminates about half of the potential candidates, right off the top. Oh well; life's too short. Same thing goes for being known for being an asshole. If you're famous for being a prick with "Lead Singer Syndrome," you AIN'T gonna get a call to play with SCRAP METAL, regardless of how supposedly talented or marketable you are. We want everyone, including ourselves, to have a blast doing this, you know? I also believe that above all, ATTITUDE is King. Talent is Queen.

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