Top Ten Journey Concerts

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Top Ten Journey Concerts

Postby JourneyHard » Tue Aug 16, 2016 4:19 am

The best Journey concert I have been to was in 1981 during the Escape Tour, but this list will be from 1998 through 2016.

10. Eclipse Tour (2011)
This is number ten because they only played two songs off Eclipse, City of Hope and Edge of the Moment. I wanted to hear Chain of Love and Resonate. Also, they didn't play Escape or any other classic rocker besides Stone In Love. I loved Eclipse and wanted to hear more.

9. Second Eclipse Tour (2014)
Again, they only played two songs off Eclipse, She's a Mystery and Ritual. However, they did include Escape. Thus, this is better than the first Eclipse tour.

8. Jeff Scott Soto Tour (2006)
Journey performed before Def Leppard. That is one step back for Journey, but it is a the dark before the dawn and the calm before the storm. Watch out for 2008. Anyway, I think an album with Soto would have been huge, but the concert was okay. I think Soto messed up a little on Separate Ways. Otherwise, he was really good. If they were headlining alone, this would be much higher on this list.

7. Michigan State Fair (1999)
It was pouring rain, but Journey rocked it out. They had an auction for a Journey leather jacket and if you won it you also got front row seats. Maybe I should have tried for that. Anyhow, Steve Augeri messed up one part on Keep on Runnin', and Neal looked pissed, but I loved how they were rocking up there.

6. Arrival Tour (2001)
Peter Frampton and Jon Waite joined Journey on this tour.

5. Joe Louis Arena (2003)
REO Speedwagon and Styx joined Journey. From some reason, they played in Detroit rather than at Pine Knob.

4. Back to Pine Knob (2004)
Journey headlining by themselves. I recall they had a comedian open for them.This was really good.

3. Steve Smith Returns! (2016)
Steve Smith really added something special to the Journey show. If Journey had been headlining alone, this would be number one. They played Escape and La Do Da with Steve Smith's drum solo.

2. Palace of Auburn Hills (1998)
This was Steve Augeri's first tour with Journey. They played their new song, Remember Me, and they played tons off of Trial By Fire including Can't Tame The Lion!

1a. Revelation (2008)
This was Arnel Pineda's first tour with Journey. They had a brand new album out. They played four songs from that new album and even started the concert with a new song. This is as close as they ever got to being like their best days in the 1980's. For this concert, one of the Heart sisters was sick so Journey played an extended set. There was a vibe at this concert that Journey was the hottest band ever that night. It was awesome.

1b. Generations (2005)
This was a tie for the best Journey concert because they played two full sets and included their fusion-rock songs from way before Perry joined the band. They gave away the Generations CD also. Everything about this concert was so cool.
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Re: Top Ten Journey Concerts

Postby Eric » Tue Aug 16, 2016 11:16 pm

1) My favorite was the second leg of the Revelations Tour in 2009:

THAT'S a setlist: ... 7a0d5.html

Deen sang Higher Place as well as Mother, Father.
Not great but I found this even:

They also played extended versions of Separate Ways, Anyway You want it and a few others that should have been the versions they re-recorded.
My favorite YT/Boot show was from 2009 as well - Graspop. I'd throw down a hundred for a professional audio recording of this along with a BluRay!

2) Seeing Journey BIG again in 2008 for Arnel's first tour. All sorts of magic and energy feels.

3) First time...October '98. They played forever and it was my first time seeing Journey.

4) Despite the CONCERNS of this tour...seeing the 2 sets was cool.

5) JSS in 2006. I loved this alternate incarnation of Journey. Sorry.
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Re: Top Ten Journey Concerts

Postby Journey/Survivor » Wed Aug 17, 2016 9:18 am

Just yesterday I was thinking about how much I miss when I got to see Journey at some county fairs back in the late 1990's/early 2000's. The early reunion shows were so much more fun than the shows in recent years.
The last shows that I've been extremely happy with were two shows that I saw Journey on their Generations tour where they performed alone, and played long sets.
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Re: Top Ten Journey Concerts

Postby George_g888 » Wed Aug 17, 2016 9:41 am

One show that stood out to me was when I saw them in 2013 in Highland Park, Illinois. This was night one of 2 sold out shows, 19K each night. They were the only act on the bill.Whenever you get Feeling That Way/ Anytime, Just The Same Way, Patiently, Dead Or Alive, Chain Reaction, Ask The Lonely, Escape, La Raza Del Sol all in the same setlist, you know your in for a good show!
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Re: Top Ten Journey Concerts

Postby kgdjpubs » Wed Aug 17, 2016 12:01 pm

Eric wrote:My favorite YT/Boot show was from 2009 as well - Graspop. I'd throw down a hundred for a professional audio recording of this along with a BluRay!

Graspop has to be one of the best shows in the post-Perry era. I'd love to hear a good recording, especially since the original stream was MUCH better than the clipped audio/video that is floating around.
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