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Postby tater1977 » Sat Dec 24, 2016 6:16 pm

Journey’s Neal Schon Talks About The Band Finally Getting Inducted Into The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

Kelly Frazier / 12/23/2016 ... 2528200248

Originally formed in 1973 as more of a progressive rock band centered around guitarist Neal Schon, Journey has lived true to its name garnering longevity throughout the many phases of their existence. After countless hits that will seem to live forever, Journey is officially a part of the 2017 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction class along with Joan Baez, Electronic Light Orchestra, Pearl Jam, Tupac Shakur, Yes, and an Award for Musical Excellence to Nile Rodgers. After the news broke this week, I was able to chat with Neal Schon about his thoughts about Journey finally being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

After all these years, Journey is finally going to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. What were your feelings when you heard the news?

I was never expecting it because, honestly, I thought if it was going to happen, I thought it would have happened two decades ago. Since it didn’t, I just put it out of my mind. Obviously, I’m not going BS. I’m really happy that we’re finally being acknowledged because I feel that we’ve definitely stood the test of time. Steve [Perry] and myself and then with Jonathan [Cain] have written a story to a lot of the music to a lot of people’s lives. Those songs are etched in stone at this point as classic rock and they’re not going away, like we’re not going away. It’s very cool just to be acknowledged. Our fans, my fans, are the best. They have fought so hard for years for us and they would I think way frustrated than anyone of us. They just brought it. Now that they opened it up to the public, they were just killing it.

When it comes down to it, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is more of a thing for the fans.

It makes more sense to me. I think they should have ran it like that from the get go. A lot of other bands would be in there by now. That’s what it should be about, the fans. They’re the ones that support all the individual bands and help them do what they want to do throughout the years. I think that’s how it should be. It shouldn’t be a lot of politics. It should be all about the fans. I know that they say that the fan’s vote is only one point out of hundreds of points, but that’s hard to believe. I don’t know what the other hundreds of points come from or who they are that have to okay it. Whatever reasons, I’m glad and humbled. We’re all very happy.

The big question remains, is Steve Perry going to re-unite with you guys?

You know what? That’s everybody’s question. I don’t have an answer. All I can tell you is, and I’ve told you before, that the door is always been open. This is the perfect opportunity for us to just put aside any differences that were or have been in the past. We haven’t seen each other in over a decade. I think it’s a very cool thing. We’d love to have him come do something with us, but that offer has been out there forever, so who knows what will happen? I left word with him yesterday through his council and give him my new number and hopefully he calls me back.

If given the opportunity to do a performance at the Hall of Fame ceremony, do you have any songs in mind given that you have so many to choose from?

I don’t know. First off, they pretty much control and I heard that they dictate to you what they want. I don’t know how true that is because I’ve never been involved in it before. All I can tell you is if that they come back with something that doesn’t sound completely right, I’ll go back and forth with them. Otherwise, we do have a lot of great songs and I’m sure we can make anything happen. I definitely want to find something we can jam out on.

Now with the Hall of Fame induction, are there any other goals or accolades you still hope to achieve?

New music is always a goal for me. Not everybody feels like that right now because we have so much music sitting there that we really don’t play all the time and I do understand that, but I think what we’re about to do in 2017 here for our first show is in Tokyo for Mr. Udo, the promoter that we’ve had for years over there. He’s celebrating his 50th anniversary over there of promoting concerts, so he wanted us to come in and play the celebration for him, and requested that we did all of Escape and all of Frontiers exactly in order that the records are. That was great idea. It’s not a new idea because people have been doing that, but we’ve never done it so it’s new for us.

I’m excited and I think everybody’s excited about dipping into some of the material that we don’t necessarily play every night. I think that’s a healthy place for us to go right now until we get the juices follow and we all get on the same page to write new music together, I think the best thing we can do is dive into our older catalogues and renew our set and get re-acquainted with our library of music.
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