Jonathan Cain 01/23/2017

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Jonathan Cain 01/23/2017

Postby tater1977 » Tue Jan 24, 2017 11:07 am

Jonathan Cain 01/23/2017
Liberty University

make sure to click on ...
- Play Message/Full Event -

28.20 Introduction to Jon
29.25 Intro to video of Jon during his time in Journey
29.30 Video of Jon during his time in Journey
- I think I remember seeing parts of this over the years - :lol:

30.30 - 45.30 Jon's interview
He mentions SP a couple times
50.12 - Faithfully
52.55 - Open Arms - Who's Cryin' Now - Separate Ways -DSB medley
Perry's good natured bonhomie & the world’s most charmin smile,knocked fans off their feet. Sportin a black tux,gigs came alive as he swished around the stage thrillin audiences w/ charisma that instantly burnt the oxygen right out of the
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