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Santana IV- PBS Special Airing This Month

PostPosted: Sat Aug 12, 2017 9:32 am
by Final Frontiers
Does anyone support their local PBS station here?

Depending on the market "Santana IV" airs tonight. Since PBS is syndicated different stations air programming on any night they choose. I'm lucky enough to have TWO PBS channels so I can watch it more than once.

Filmed in 2016 at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Cafe, SANTANA IV captures original members of Santana on stage together since 1973. The heralded group of musicians, play an energy-packed show that features classic hits plus new material from their No. 5 album. Filled with powerful musicianship, soulful vocals, soaring guitars and organ, SANTANA IV showcases the classic music that defined an era.

Santana also had a huge part in the PBS series History of Latin Music in the USA Part 4 2009