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Company Of Wolves/Face To Face

Postby Final Frontiers » Sun Oct 29, 2017 4:37 am

I've been on a retro tear for the last month- one of my favorite "Rock & Roll Fables" Streets Of Fire came out on DVD with a bunch of extras (RESPECT!!!).

One of the many bands in the movie is Boston based New Wave act Face To Face- the male members played Ellen Aim's band The Attackers and Laurie Sargent (with Holly Sherwood) sang lead on 2 of the big musical numbers. They weren't billed as Face To Face but as Fire, Inc. Face To Face never hit big, barely making the Top 40 twice. I downloaded two of their songs off Freegal- "10-9-8" and "Under The Gun". Laurie might be a better rapper than Debbie Harry :wink: .


Which brings me to another old favorite Steve Conte- who was in The New York Dolls and a prolific session man. My favorite songs of his come from his team ups with Yoko Kanno. But he was also in a 90s band called "Company Of Wolves". Which I'm almost sure I've heard mentioned here. I've just found that a Company Of Wolves album is on Freegal too.

"Call Me, Call Me" live

Anyone have a recommendation on some songs to download? Or is/was a fan of Face To Face or Company Of Wolves/Steve Conte?
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