If they would listen...what's your advice!

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If they would listen...what's your advice!

Postby journel » Tue Feb 13, 2018 11:36 am

Before Journey embarks on a massive tour with DL this year.
What would be your advice to each member of the current line-up?
We believe that some members of the band are lurking around this forum.
Otherwise, we won't be blabbering here with gusto for no apparent reason.
Please keep your advice sweet and short :twisted:

NEAL: Just let this thing slide...this tour and current line-up will bring tons of dough. Be secure, Be happy, love you! :wink:
JON: Don't force any issues. No "I" in the word "BAND or TEAM". Think brotherhood. Be pure. God bless you! :)
ROSS: Just plug and play Bro. Stay the way you are! :D
STEVE: Love jazz but keep on rockin...a little more harder! 8)
ARNEL: Go all in. Love your voice and just let it soar, have no fear...you heard it STEVE PERRY loves you. Take care, Brother! :D
TRAVIS: Just enjoy the ride and stay away from harms way! :wink:

Peace :mrgreen:
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Re: If they would listen...what's your advice!

Postby JourneyHard » Tue Feb 13, 2018 12:18 pm

Neal: We love your long solos, but you gotta do more than 14 songs.
Jon: There's no "I" in Trump. Play Who's Cryn' Now and dump the ballad melody.
Ross: Keep those funny faces coming.
Steve: You are the best thing to happen to this current band in ten years! (Arnel's been in the band ten years.)
Arnel: You've been in the band ten years. You have a little pull. Push for at least one song from Eclipse and one from Revelations.
Travis: Beg, borrow or whatever you gotta do to sing Lay It Down!
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Re: If they would listen...what's your advice!

Postby Journey/Survivor » Tue Feb 13, 2018 3:59 pm

Jonathan: Shit or get off the pot. Write and record new Journey material or leave Journey. The same goes for changing up the set-list. Either play deeper cuts, or let someone else step in in your place who wants to make Journey shows fun again.

Neal: If Cain won't work on new Journey material and won't play deeper cuts in concert, then dump his ass as soon as possible.

Ross: Think about what I said to Cain, you need an attitude adjustment too.

Steve: you're doing an awesome job. Please continue to work with Neal on a regular basis!

Arnel: You're doing a great job too. Do your best to take care of your voice.
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