Straight Up KICK ASS Band!!

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Straight Up KICK ASS Band!!

Postby vanzant77 » Thu May 10, 2007 3:01 am

Haven't heard of The Sulentic Brothers Band from South Bend Indiana? Well hang on to your hats and check them out on myspace. While you are there check out their videos. and reviews written about the CD South Bend.

Recent review written about the CD South Bend, from Classic Rock Revisited

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The Sulentic Brothers Band – South Bend

Rating: A

Further proof that true Southern Rock boogie is still very much alive and well, comes The Sulentic Brothers Band, a sextet haling from South Bend Indiana whose roots date back to the mid 90’s. Formed around the nucleus of brothers Dave (guitars, vocals) and Tom (drums, vocals) Sulentic, South Bend is the band’s 2nd full length release and is true barnstormer of an album from beginning to end.

The album’s 1st track “Old Glory” sets the bar high immediately, flying out of the gates with reckless patriotic abandon. Although the band slows the pace somewhat with their 2nd number “13 Years”, this track with it’s brilliant twin guitar harmonies from Sulentic and co-lead guitarist Mike May put it as an early front runner for the best track on the album with it’s passionate vocal delivery and melodic soloing. The fun doesn’t stop there as tracks “Roll The Dice”, the title track and “Free Ride” kick the party into overdrive with nods stylistically to the Allman Brothers. By the time you reach the second to last number, the truly epic seven minute track “The Madness” with its mighty riffs and blistering solos, it’s then that you truly realize these guys are a true force to be reckoned with. The gentle, plaintive ballad “See You in My Dreams” closes the disc in fine fashion. South Bend is a keeper from start to finish and as far as Southern rock goes or for that matter rock in general, it really doesn’t get much better than this. Why these guys haven’t been snagged by a major record label is beyond me.

- Ryan Sparks
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