Facebook Page: Infinity (Classic Rock and Journey Tribute)

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Facebook Page: Infinity (Classic Rock and Journey Tribute)

Postby Infinity Vocalist 2010 » Tue Oct 12, 2010 2:42 pm


I'm new here and I'm promoting my band, Infinity. We're all from Ontario and in high school and we also play in our school rock band which has toured in the States and Canada. Last year was when I joined that band, while in a lull trying to form Infinity. We went to Cleveland, played at some schools nearby and then at the RNR HOF. We also did Christmas shows at our school and ended our summer tour with an outdoor concert at our hometown of Madoc. In the school band, I coaxed my friend to be my guitarist. Fast-forward to today, he's got all his amps, speakers, monitors, guitars and recording equipment, etc. in my basement. We've been held up all summer trying to find a drummer but we're close. Summer 2011 will be busy with us playing fairs, Canada Day festivals, and whatnot. For bar shows, we have a mix of different bands, but for large scale events, I have a huge Journey setlist that I organized, closely engineered similarily to real Journey concerts.

I will post Youtube links of myself and either of the 2 bands I mentioned on the journey forums, here and the new band forum.

Check out our Facebook Page:

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Infinity- ... 1708438779

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