Show Update - July 25

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Show Update - July 25

Postby Andrew » Thu Jul 26, 2007 12:49 am

From frontpage:

MelodicRockFest - South Bend Indiana October 6

Ticket sales have been ok, but there is a long way to go to fill this venue, so if there is any possibility of you getting along to the show - please do so! Get your tickets now to ensure a great seat. Support for this show is support for this site and all the amazing artists appearing. If it works out there is every chance it may happen again sometime in the future. At the show -
- There will be a range of MR Merchandise available on the night as well as copies of the Compilation CDs.
- Many of the artists will also bring their own merch and CDs along to sell.
- I am in the process of organizing a mega raffle for those attending on the night to participate in. Prizes will be detailed later on, but expect some cool signed items and assorted CDs.

For those looking for an extra cool seat at the MRF show, there are just a few tickets available now in both the Upper Left Box and the Upper Right Box. I was not aware, but the venue always holds some box seats for their corporate ticket holders to have first dip at. Those holders have not taken up the option to purchase tickets for this show, so that layaway period has expired and a few remaining tickets in those boxes are now available. If anyone wants them, grab them NOW!! Purchase Link: ... sp?evt=136.

What else can we talk about in regards to this show? are aware of it being one of the last Harem Scarem shows ever (still can't believe that).

I have had a lot of requests from people that can't make the show about possibilities of recording and/or filming of the show so people will at least be able to enjoy it at a later date. This is a complicated road to go down - not to mention potentially very expensive. I can't say if this will happen at this stage, although I am looking into all possible options. I'd love to be able to say yes right away, but right now the only guarantee of getting to see the whole show is actually being there!

I have also been talking to the Scrap Metal guys about their headlining set for the night. All the usual hits form the guys will be included (songs from Mr. Big, Slaughter, Nelson & Night Ranger), plus some of those mega-hits from the additional guests (more classics from Survivor, Damn Yankees, Rainbow, Deep Purple). But for the die-hards I have a few ideas for a couple of tracks that might not be so obvious and pretty cool to hear on the night!

Full Show Details:

I have also been sent a few e-mails from some great people that cannot attend the show, but would still like to support the event I now have a way for you to do so.
If you would like to be a ticket sponsor - you can do so by purchasing a ticket or a number of tickets for the show directly from the venue. Then notify me of the purchase, to which I will add your name/website to the MRF show page as a ticket sponsor.
When the tickets are delivered to you, Iet me know. I will in turn use these tickers as giveaways for promotional purposes. Once again, the Purchase Link is: ... sp?evt=136.
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