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PostPosted: Sun Oct 14, 2007 11:48 am
by Abitaman
MR J was on the list, but they passed on him. Would like to see either Kevin or J on lead vocals.

Should have been Kevin's before Augeri. Not saying I wasn't happy with Augeri, I was, he did a good job, filled impossible shoes. But Kevin has always been my first choice, since Perry left. Kevin like Augeri and JSS has his own voice and brings his own reflections to the songs. So he will either be loved or hated for doing that. Augeri should have tried to branch out more, to bring his own take on the Perry songs, but maybe the band wouldn't let him...who really knows.
Like both Augeri and JSS, and bought both of their back catalogs, and will by new music from the both of them

Would like to Jeremey do a cd of his own material, that would be good-ERIC