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andrew is a god

PostPosted: Mon Oct 08, 2007 10:53 pm
by sniper16
still recovering from saturdays show, and the 4 hour drive back to cincinnati.
andrew you rock.
all the opening acts were good, but kevin chalifant really kicked it all into gear, when he opened with megaforce i was in heaven, and he really nailed the journey stuff( just a side note , i mentioned to him that hes should get the journey gig and his comment was" call them, and tell them that" 2nd best set of the show. then jeff scott soto really good set, only complaint of the show was howie moved the marshall up on stage and drowned out the pa from the 2nd row probably the best crowd response so far..them scrap metal came im sure someone else will post the set list later, played all the nelson and slaughter songs first and sprinkled in a couple of NR songs, but the place exploded when eric martin came on stage, he's still unbelievable(he must have spent an hour in the lobby signing, not to mention the 10 minutes outside signing for me.. the best voice of the 5 or 6 best voices at this show, the special gusts were great, joe lynn turner, the guys from survivor, jack blades, when the did high enough, and the nelsons were singing the tommy parts, then kevin came out to help hit the high notes, was great.the highlights were high enough, eye of the tiger, and the show stoper you can still rock in america, with everybody on stage singing.seeing guys walk out and start singing background vocals like they were fans, and not there planned time to be onstage (eric martin jumped into the crowd and stayed ther to cheer on the rest of the guys)was something you wont see again until andrew does this again,
i hope you didnt lose money on this.
and i hope you enjoy the blue deville movie
thanks for a one of a kind show

PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2007 12:08 am
by Moon Beam
I will worship at the Wombat alter for surely! :lol:
He is an amazing man ain't he?......Thank You Andrew!
Sniper 16 I must agree with you about Kevin Chalfant.
I had never seen him live before and was amazed by his vocal abilaties.