The Top 10 Essential 90s AOR Albums

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The Top 10 Essential 90s AOR Albums

Postby tater1977 » Tue Aug 16, 2016 6:35 am

The Top 10 Essential 90s AOR Albums

by Dave Ling ... aor-albums
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Who said AOR was on the ropes in the 1990s? These 10 essential melodic rock classics from Journey, Boston, Harem Scarem and more prove it was alive and kicking during the grunge years

The 90s was a tough time to be an AOR band. The giants of the 70s had found themselves lumped in with the so-called ‘hair metal’ movement, which in turn had been usurped by grunge. The smart melodic rock acts changed with the times – most notably Bon Jovi, whose Keep The Faith album found them ditching the Desmond Child anthems in favour of a more contemporary sound. They were the exception, though: most groups struggled in the face of an unforgiving music industry, and there were countless casualties.

But melodic rock didn’t die: it just went underground. While the likes of Def Leppard kept it in the charts for a while (before themselves taking an alt-rock detour with the poorly-received Slang), bands such as Crown Of Thorns and Unruly Child, and devoutly independent labels like Escape Music and Now & Then, kept the flame burning, albeit away from the public eye. The genre was still capable of producing some great music during that barren decade, as these 10 essential albums prove.,

Steve Perry – For The Love Of Strange Medicine (1994)

Journey frontman Steve Perry confused us with his best Sam Cooke impersonation on his debut solo album, 1984’s Street Talk, but his exquisite For The Love Of Strange Medicine sounded heaven-sent to the ears of melodic rock fans.

With the songs on that record polished to a glistening shine, and with Perry’s voice rising to tear-jerking crescendos, there wasn’t even the scent of a filler track. Album closer Anyway was Perry’s (he’s now seemingly retired) touching comment on what had threatened to be Journey’s break-up (the band carried on without him).

AND ...

Journey – Trial By Fire (1996)

The last Journey album to feature vocalist Steve Perry, Trial By Fire has been slighted for its lightweight feel – and that includes the guitar playing from Neal Schon, who once told Classic Rock: “It would’ve been better if we’d taken six songs off it – the ballads!” But when it comes to sensitive songs Journey are simply in an (AOR) class all of their own. If He Should Break Your Heart, Don’t Be Down On My Baby and When You Love A Woman are beautifully constructed; that the latter was apparently recorded in a single take is truly astounding.
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Re: The Top 10 Essential 90s AOR Albums

Postby perryfan61 » Tue Aug 16, 2016 8:08 am

I happen to love FTLOSM, so glad this article called it " exquisite " :D :D. Some of his best vocals, IMHO.
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