That Little Hot Shit Didn't Sing!!!

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That Little Hot Shit Didn't Sing!!!

Postby FezzyChic » Sat Apr 08, 2017 3:51 pm

Marabelle Gurl we missed Pearl Jam... Damn!!
And Essspee didn't sing!
What the hell, you wouldn't have even got to scream if we went cause the little shit didn't sing and I wouldn't have had to duct tape your mouth for being too noisy when I wanted to hear him.....because he didn't fucking sing!! No moist women, no survival snacks or safety rafts to row out of there in due to all that moisture!! Forget the defribullator and the smelling salts for all our Sistas!!
Ms. Marabelle . . . Sorry to inform you but Mr. Man did nothing, nadda, zilch, zip!! I watched it on a broadcast Ramona shared on Welcome Home SP!!
I sent kisses, there should have been a little speck of lipstick right there on his gorgeous jammin' lookin' face!! And I think I wanted to mess his hair up a little bit, there's a lion in there wanting to break!
And the photos of Arnel are precious, Stevie had his hands full of a little bundle of love there!! Steven loves him! I can tell! Who wouldn't! ❤

Signing off,
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Re: That Little Hot Shit Didn't Sing!!!

Postby bellairepark73 » Sat Apr 08, 2017 10:35 pm

I for one am glad he came...which I expected/knew he would. granted sometimes I had my doubts. But I knew he would show. Sing...nah. I KNEW that wasn't going happen. I was there and it was wonderful!!! Would it have brought the house down if he sang. In fact, the band might have had a melt down. The man gave a speech and the crowd went nuts...but we fans were outnumbered by Pearl Jam at LEAST 5 to 1. They didn't care if NO ONE showed. They came out in FORCE!!! That's true loyalty my friends. True loyalty. They weren't waiting around...they came ANYWAY!!! And when their musical hero came out, you heard it in their screams throughout the night.

Yes, if SP would have sung, it would have rivaled that, but there was no real clamor for it and THAT...THAT...was disappointing.The crowd should have been chanting for it...even though I did hear VERY, VERY loud voices begging for it. So for all of our filibustering...we lacked the firepower. We, yes that right, we didn't come in droves. We waited to hear official word. :roll: miss out on REAL opportunities like that...and then we blame him?!? We should have been there in droves stomping the seats down...DEMANDING that he sing!!!

I am nursing a nearly ripped out throat because I was screaming so hard and singing too. It was beautiful to see all the cellphones and flashlights swinging in the air and Arnel was good....(here's my edit), pitch. Not off key (which had been lowered by the way, since early in his career). But I understand what everyone is talking about when they say that his phrasing is off. I thought he would get it by now, but he hasn't.

The whole band didn't clamor or group together like Pearl Jam and they have had their serious differences too, but they stood by each other. Journey reminded me a little...only a little...of a board of review all standing around in the far left while one by one each came up to give a speech...and I might add GREAT speeches.
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Re: That Little Hot Shit Didn't Sing!!!

Postby Marabelle » Sun Apr 09, 2017 6:57 am

Oh my goodness grab the Kleenex and my personal inhaler because it was almost too much emotion behind and on stage to watch. I thought Mr P was going to break down into tears when Ariel put him in that solid wrestle hold! I swear I saw Mr P's knees buckle for a minute but when Mr P was able to Side step him and kick his legs away I knew it was going to be a great evening! That singer is mighty strong and he sure knows how to lock and box you into a spot if you aren't careful. I know if you had been there you would have had his back and Ariel wouldn't have gotten within 5 feet of him but you know what I think what he did (I am talking about Arnel) he ripped the bandaid off the wound in one of those split seconds and that does not give you much time to scream from pain before he dived in and gave him the second act of some good old lovin, the kind either freaks you out or breaks you down to tears. Mr P really didn't have a chance, he was still stinging from the genuine admiration and love he saw in those eyes before Ariel had him close and tied up. Good for Ariel! I don't think Mr P truly recovered from the outpouring of love from that guy before he had to go on stage and accept the award. I know I was bawling like a baby! And then...then, everyone hoped for a song from Mr P, well. I for sure didn't think that would happen after all lovin, touching and squeezing from Ariel Mr P was probably flummoxed from Arnel and then came everyone else and instead of standing like wooden soldiers,everyone well at least 3 out of 5 were holding back the tears because this was truly turning into a day that nobody was going to forget. He and Neal touched and the curtain finally fell in one big old swoop between them. How much more could the man take? It would have been nice but I could not imagine the man on stage crying and gulping big gulps of air as he sang on stage. We'll see what is next or not but just for a moment there I am positive someone remembered how it felt to be standing there with those men he at one time considered to be his brothers and I am hoping that little seed germinates and grows into something beautiful. But if not...Arnel can testify how it feels to get the ❤️.
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Re: That Little Hot Shit Didn't Sing!!!

Postby FezzyChic » Sun Apr 09, 2017 11:36 am

Hey Ladies,
We are just going to have to wait!
Steve must give Kelly wings to fly before he can be free!
Cancer takes everyone it touches to their knees!

We pray! ❤
I always try to keep in my heart that...

After every sunset, there shall surely be a dawn! ❤
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