Heaven's Grateful Kellie Awaits

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Heaven's Grateful Kellie Awaits

Postby FezzyChic » Thu Apr 13, 2017 8:32 am

Hey Marabelle,  to answer your heart!

I can only agree with you that each of the past and current Journey members were effin' studs on stage with a feminine instrumentation style!! Best case arsenal for an explosion!! Hahaha!
God's remedy for love!
I think the whole damn world is pissed off that Steve didn't sing because it's the last and only remnant of any hope for love and romance in today's memory!
Unfortunately, Steve is the missing link!
It's an effing conundrum and wind sheer disaster! Those fuckers can't land or take off!!

None of them!!

Cancer has struck down yet another soul, as if that is any kind of shock! Hopefully Steve's tribute to Kellie will arm Steve with the inner strength to embrace life full on, realizing no one gets out alive and it's just one shot!!

So, who knows??
I'd be happy for Journey to get back together with the man! Because it's their work that we all are hangin' here for!! We like it!!

And who is gonna be the "Love Doctors" anymore?? Besides Bon Jovi, it's a dud around the music world!!

I'm not the syrupy type most of the time, AC/DC is more my thang!! Lol!!

But truth be told, every now and then, I sneak in a sappy Journey love song ....keep it to myself...lol!!

Marabelle, start storing up Gurl!!!

Personal Inhalers, smelling salts, stretchers to carry em out in!! Brown paper bags for hysteria, liquor, weed, and lots of tissues...

I think the levee is gonna break, if they get together again!!

Definitely be a flood when they float Kellie down the river to the sea...bring your rain boots, rain coat and umbrella....sad!!

Esspeee laying his wife to rest, a ton of pain, a twenty one gun salute, there will be tears flowing everywhere, it will be wet!! 

His eyes can't cry now....

But it's coming Marabelle!!

His fans better be ready with a life raft!!

Esspeee needs to love again!! Find his way out of the sea of pain!
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Re: Heaven's Grateful Kellie Await

Postby Marabelle » Fri Apr 14, 2017 11:46 am

Oh yes mighty one with the bright smile and dear ❤️, I hear ya! Loud and clear.
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