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At the Roxy

PostPosted: Thu Dec 11, 2008 3:50 pm
by Playitloudforme
Every Tuesday in December is Camp Freddy.

See Camp for more, but here are some pics and video from last night. Yours truly even got the mike shoved in her face during Suffragette City, and I sang. So that makes me a member.

Dave & Steve Stevens



Chester Bennington


I had Steve Jones (Jonesy from the Sex Pistols) and Mark McGrath too...but the damn pics didn't turn out. Roomie's camera cannot be jostled.

Video uploads from youtube.

(Slash is playing RIGHT in front of me).

I sing somewhere on that one...figures it's off camera. And yeah, billy f'ed up the words, but the man was running a fever, I forgive him.

Chester singing the SHYT outta led zep...

Steve Stevens & Mark McGrath doing Rebel Yell

There's more. Youtube.. Beautiful thang. Enjoy!