New Business Line?

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New Business Line?

Postby Memorex » Mon Jan 30, 2012 10:17 am

I'm thinking it's time to cash in on a new business idea. 911 to the stars. A network of local "Celebrity Assistance Specialists" (maybe employed by ambulance companies) that can be discretely called so your so called friends and family can freely speak without the worry of TMZ airing your woes 24/7. No need to redact the calls, no pesky police scanner to tip off the reporters. We'll come pick you up, apply an appropriate disguise, and get you to the hospital ASAP. And for our platinum members, maybe a blood transfusion on the way.

Stay off the TV, keep your kids, and don't allow your ex to laugh at you publicly!

Of course, my first expansion of the business would be to cash in with with Harvey on all those tapes, but whatever.
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