Crazy Lixx / Fatal Smile - Sheffield Corporation 09/09/2012

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Crazy Lixx / Fatal Smile - Sheffield Corporation 09/09/2012

Postby Rockingbear » Wed Sep 12, 2012 3:20 am

Nottingham band, Suicide Tuesday, had a very early start and so I only managed to catch the last two tracks of their set. The sound was very good as were the exceptional vocals of Ramblin Erikk, very reminiscent of Vince Neil in his hey-day. I will be sure to go earlier if I get the opportunity to see this band again. Definitely one to watch…

The first of tonight’s Swedish Glam Rock bands, Fatal Smile played the small room in The Corporation as if it were Madison Square Garden: back drop, full make-up, OTT stage-wear, smoke-bombs and superb chain microphone stands. All very impressive, very tight and obviously very much enjoyed by the band themselves. Musically, Fatal Smile remind me of a cross between Skid Row and Hanoi Rocks.

Fatal Smile opened “Welcome To The Freak Show” from their latest album “21st Century Freaks” followed by “Common People” from their 2006 album “Neo Natural Freaks”.

“Hip Motherfucker” is one of those songs that might impress the angst-ridden teenagers but not an aged rocker like myself.

Lead singer Blade has not got the greatest voice but certainly makes up for it with stage presence. The rest of the band are made up of the powerful rhythm section of Axl on bass and Philty on drums and are completed by axe slinger Mr.Y.

New track “Judgement Day” was ultra heavy before the pace dropped with the ballad “To The Last Of Line”, Fatal Smile’s tribute to the late, great Ronnie James Dio.

The velocity was increased once again with the powerful “Learn-Love-Hate”.

The closing duo were taken from the band’s 2010 “World Domination” album: “Run For Your Life” and crowd-favourite “S.O.B.”

The sound was most impressive for such a small venue and gave persons, like myself, not familiar with their material, the opportunity to appreciate their set. Their incredible live performance could, however, have been improved, in my opinion, with better quality songs.

Crazy Lixx, on the other hand, have a plethora of excellent songs from two great albums and one outstanding album (“New Religion”), however, were let down this evening by a truly atrocious sound. Singer Danny Rexon apologised before starting their set and hoped that he would make it all the way through. He said that he had problems with his voice, however, if this was him with a poor voice then he must be phenomenal when fully fit.

Opening with “Young Blood” from the recent album “Riot Avenue” it was clear from the start that there were severe issues with the sound (too loud and distorted). The crowd did their best to assist on the next song “Lock Up Your Daughter” from the brilliant “New Religion album.

New guitarist Edd Liam has added extra vigour to the sound especially in terms of the backing vocals, however, his guitar playing could not be fully appreciated due to the, aforementioned, poor sound. The same could be said for original guitarist Andy Dawson. Bass player Loke Rivano did his best to keep up the enthusiasm of the band on what was obviously a difficult performance.

The title track of the new album “Riot Avenue” preceded the song that probably suffered the worse for the horrendous sound, “Hell Or High Water”. Another track from the debut “Loud Minority” came by way of “Do Or Die” and was quickly followed by “Downtown” from the latest release.

Danny once again got the audience to help out on “Heroes are Forever” from the 2007 debut but the best songs were left to last: “Rock And A Hard Place” which went down very well with the sparse (no more than 70 in attendance) but enthusiastic crowd and arguably the best track from the latest album, “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” (how Motley Crue wish they could still write tunes like this) and the set was brought to a tumultuous close with the anthem “21 ‘Til I Die”.

In summary, probably not the greatest gig that Crazy Lixx have ever played but I will be sure to catch them again when, hopefully, Danny will be in better health and the sound will be an improvement on this evening!
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