Nickelback / Daughtry - Sheffield Arena - 07/10/2012

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Nickelback / Daughtry - Sheffield Arena - 07/10/2012

Postby Rockingbear » Tue Oct 09, 2012 12:37 am

Sheffield Motorpoint Arena

Sunday 8th October 2012

Chris Daughtry first came to prominence in 2006’s American Idol and subsequently released an excellent self-titled debut of which over half of tonight’s nine-song set was comprised. This was my first time seeing the American band and I was not alone in wanting to catch their full set with the Arena being virtually full as thy hit the stage, opening with the three singles taken from their latest, 2011 album, “Break This Spell”: “Renegade”, “Outta My Head” and “Crawling Back To You”. Audience reaction was very positive from the front to the back, however, the sound at the back, where I was sat with my wife, sister and sister’s friend (that’s three people and not one!) was a little hollow.

“Over You” was the first of the tracks to be played from the brilliant debut album followed by the only song from 2009’s “Leave This Town” album, “No Surprise”.

Daughtry, the band, are a solid unit with bass player Josh Paul being very visual but it is the flawless vocals of Chris Daughtry that is the real stand out of this band.

“Home”, “Feels Like Tonight”, “It’s Not Over” and “There and Back Again” brought the rousing set to a climax.

Like many in tonight’s crowd, I would love to see Daughtry reurn to these shores on their own headlining tour.

The Sheffield Motorpoint Arena was close to full capacity when Nickelback hit the stage to the “This Means War”, the opening track of their latest album “Here and Now”. The momentum was kept up with the thunderous “Something In Your Mouth” from 2008’s multi-platinum “Dark Horse” opus.

The stage set was minimalistic with five large video screens, three on the main stage, augmenting the musical show. It was not too dissimilar to Def Leppard’s stage set from last year, however, no pyrotechnics and the sound was not nearly as good as it was on that evening. One of the main problems was that there were no speakers positioned either half way down the arena or at the rear. The sound just did not carry clearly and was the major disappointment of an otherwise very enjoyable evening. That said, the rhythm section of Mike Kroeger and Daniel Adair ensure that the booming Nickelback sound heard on recent albums transfers to the live arena.

A second new track “Bottoms Up” kept up the pace before Chad Kroeger conversed with the crowd for the first time.

The aforementioned poor sound did improve marginally on the slower, less rocky numbers starting with “Photograph”. Although I have a preference for Nickelback’s hard rock numbers the slower ones do have an extra energy when played live.

The band brought out guitar tech Robbie to help out on the haunting “Far Away”.

My favourite two tracks then got played back to back: “Too Bad” from 2001’s breakthrough album “Silver Side Up” and the awesome “Animals” from my personal favourite Nickelback album “All The Right Reasons”. The former track had half the audience bouncing up and down and I am sure that would have had the other half had the sound been better at the back of the arena.

The large video screens gave excellent close-up of all the band members but were not used. To show orchestrated video-clips, as on previous tours. I think that they should look to going back to that way in the future.

The pace was reduced again – Nickelback expertly do this throughout the whole evening – with the ballad “Trying Not To Love You” from the “Here & Now” album.

This evening’s version of “Rockstar” was a real highlight and best that I have seen the Canadian rockers play live; special mention must go to Chris Daughtry who came out to sing on the second verse. The cameraman was also superb picking out audience members singing along to this song!

“Someday”, the standout track from 2003’s “The Long Road” was followed by arguably the standout track from the “Here & Now”, the wonderful ballad “Lullaby” featuring the multi-talented Ryan Peake on piano.

The last track on “Dark Horse” “This Afternoon” had the crowd in fine voice and encompassed the traditional t-shirt throwing by the band’s techs and support act Daughtry. The throwing of drinks in plastic cups into the crowd was completely pointless and was in no way humorous. Chad’s persistent mentioning of drinking, accompanied by necking shorts, soon became tiresome which is a shame as he possesses an excellent rapport with the audience.

“When We Stand Together” cleverly preceded Daniel Adair’s drum solo, the latter starting as the song closed with “…and the drum beat carries on.”

The aggressive “Figured You Out” preceded the international number one single “How You Remind Me”.

Only a few people left (why?) before the band retuned for an encore of “Gotta Be Somebody” and the infectious “Burn It To The Ground”.

Having read the ultra-positive reviews of the tour and my past experiences of seeing Nickelback live, I probably had too high expectations of this show and it fell short, if only just slightly. Nickelback are a well-polished machine and tonight put on another great performance but due to the aforementioned sound issues this was not as good as the previous couple of shows that I had seen them play at the Sheffield Arena. A special mention must go to the multi-talented Ryan Peake for his guitar and piano playing and along with other band members, Mike and Daniel, provided exceptional backing vocals.
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