Toto; Keswick Theater Glenside, PA 9/4/14

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Toto; Keswick Theater Glenside, PA 9/4/14

Postby jimmy19029 » Fri Sep 12, 2014 1:37 am

I can't believe it, Toto back in this area for another show only a year after they were last here? Usually with them it's a 5-7 year wait between visits.

This summer the guys are touring with Michael McDonald. But tonight they were on their own. This meant that their show would be longer than their shorter set with McDonald. We got a little over 100 minutes but the concert has still been truncated from last year, with a few songs dropped and the order moved around.

There have also been several changes among the players. The great Nathan East has moved on after four years and, sadly, the legendary Simon Phillips also decided to take his leave earlier this year after sitting in the drummer's chair for 22 years. Backup singer Jenny Douglas-McRae, who has toured with Toto on and off since 1990 is now back with them once again and is now called Jenny Douglas-Foote. Original bassist (1977-1982) Dave Hungate returned unexpectedly this year and guitarist Luke introduced him saying, "We left him at a truckstop back around 1981 or so and he was pissed. But he eventually caught up to us and is touring once again".

The band has also brought in Steely Dan's current drummer, Keith Carlock, who was unable to make this year's shows since he's busy doing another tour with the Dan men. Nashville cat Shannon Forest has been doing the drumming honors for Toto this year. "The only man I know who's seen Taylor Swift naked", laughed Luke. "Oh and by the way, if you want to see any nude photos of the band, log onto" Shannon was quite good but definitely not the iconic pedigree of Simon Phillips or Jeff Porcaro.

Luke, as always, was the merry joker/prankster and introduced singer Joseph Williams by cuing up the band to play the "Jaws Theme" (in honor of his famous father, movie score composer John Williams), which led to Joe doing his Quint impression. This confused a few of the Toto fans who were asking me later on after the concert who Joe's father was. One guy thought he might be the actor who played Quint. I had to clue them in. "Man, that must've been some wild household with all that music going on downstairs", said Luke, "I'll bet he had quite a few nightmares". He even had some of the guys do dueling Michael McDonalds since they were missing Mike tonight and going through withdrawal. Backup singer Mabvuto Carpenter easily bested the others with his spot on McDonald impression. And, according to Luke, "99" was really about "Position 99 of the Kama Sutra", discovered by Dave Paich and his wife on their honeymoon.

No big surprises in the setlist this year, other than the return of the funky "Georgy Porgy", which was sung by Luke and Jenny. But it was nice to hear them once again blast through some of my faves, like "On the Run", "Hydra", "St. George & the Dragon" and David Paich's new instrumental "The Muse", which segued into "White Sister", which was once again the highlight of the show for me this year. What a burner! Out back after the show, Joe told me it's his fave in the set too.

And Steve Porcaro's "It's a Feeling" , from Toto IV, is now done as a duet between Joe and himself.

And it was great to see the show was well attended and almost a sell-out.

Afterwards, I was out back talking to fellow Toto fans who fondly remembered the 1980s/1990s Toto pre-internet fan club, Toto Legend, and our first times hearing certain Toto songs on the radio and first Toto vinyl purchases. I'd brought a few of mine along and was happy to talk to Joe, who signed my Fahrenheit album jacket, laughing that his 1986 picture with the long curly hair looked like his sister with a mustache.


On the Run/Child's Anthem snippet/
Goodbye Elenore
St. George and the Dragon
I'll Be Over You
Goin' Home
It's a Feeling
The Muse
White Sister
Georgy Porgy
Hold the Line

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