Tidal...CD quality Streaming.

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Tidal...CD quality Streaming.

Postby RPM » Sun Jul 19, 2015 12:18 pm

I have spotify and really enjoyed it, I use a MacMini as a music server and recently gave Tidal a go.
The interface is very similar, I was able to locate 99% of my favorite songs compared to spotify
but the question was would lossless (cd quality) be worth the price jump. A few days into the 30 day free trial
and theres no question its better. That being said, I have my doubts this will last long term. Although they have
matched spotify pricing for 320kbps, the lossless is twice the price and unless you have a quality 2 channel
setup, headphones or HiFi you are unlikely to justify the price difference for the upgrade. Hopefully spotify
and or Apple will step up and Cd quality will become the norm.
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