The decision that kept music legend Jimmy Barnes out of harm

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The decision that kept music legend Jimmy Barnes out of harm

Postby tater1977 » Wed Aug 19, 2015 7:30 am

The decision that kept music legend Jimmy Barnes out of harm's way ... spartandhp

Australian music legend Jimmy Barnes has spoken of the decision that may have saved his life, allowing him to avoid the fatal explosion at Bangkok's Erawan Shrine.

Speaking with A Current Affair host Tracy Grimshaw, Barnes discussed the terror he and his family faced last night as they were on their way to dinner at an upmarket Chinese restaurant adjacent to the shrine.

"We were literally staying at the Erawan Hotel, which is attached to the shrine," Barnes told A Current Affair.

"We have two ways of going, Tracy. We could literally go out the front door and turn right and walk past the shrine and across the road - which would have meant we would have been in the middle of the bomb blast."

Barnes says that because of the heat and uneven footpaths, he directed his friends along a "shortcut" that he knew of.

Taking the shortcut is what saved his life.

"We were literally 50 yards from the bomb," Barnes said.

"The whole place shook, the windows were wobbling as if they were made out of plastic, it was a very frightening thing," he said.

He described the terrifying scene that was unfolding outside his hotel.

"I went outside and there was smoke, and sirens, and people running everywhere," Barnes said.

"Had my grandson not been with us, had he not been in a pram and had it not been difficult - we would have walked straight into the bomb and you'd be talking about me Tracy, not to me," he said.

"The little tiny twists of fate and whatever it was, caring about the family or whatever, that just made us make that decision and walk that way."

Despite the luck he experienced and the fact that his family is safe, Barnes is very sympathetic to those not as lucky as he was.

"Families have been physically, and mentally, and emotionally ripped apart by this," Barnes said.

"They're never going to feel good again and never going to feel safe in this world again."
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Re: The decision that kept music legend Jimmy Barnes out of

Postby kgdjpubs » Wed Aug 19, 2015 1:56 pm

wow....that was close. Life can change on a dime with no warning at all.
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