Rock the Yacht; Sugarhouse Casino Philadelphia, PA 8/17/18

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Rock the Yacht; Sugarhouse Casino Philadelphia, PA 8/17/18

Postby jimmy19029 » Sun Aug 19, 2018 5:37 am

About 13 years ago a web series called Yacht Rock was put up online that had the performers spoofing the music and players of late 70s/early 80s soft rock. Kenny Loggins, Michael McDonald and Christopher Cross were three of the artists included in the parodies. But there were a whole lot more who were featured or tagged as part of the "Yacht Rock Sound".

Far from getting upset, many of the original artists of this so called "genre" have shown they enjoy the joke and, much more importantly, appreciate the renewed attention. Indeed many of them are experiencing increased ticket sales.

Several years ago, a group of acts who were NOT Kenny Loggins, Christopher Cross or Steely Dan, but were still considered part of the sound, decided to band together under the moniker ROCK THE YACHT.

In this year's touring package of Rock the Yacht, it's Ambrosia playing as well as backing up Stephen Bishop, Peter Beckett (of Player), John Ford Coley and Robbie Dupree, who doubled as M.C.

I was very happy to see the show announce a date near me, at Sugarhouse Casino in Philadelphia, since I've never seen Stephen Bishop, John Ford Coley or Robbie Dupree and had only seen Peter Beckett playing in Little River Band in the early 90s.

Progressive rockers Ambrosia have always been one of my favorites and have always been capable of playing in any genre, a fact that netted them several pop hits in the late 70s and early 80s. I've been lucky enough to catch them on their own many times. But tonight, after warming us up with the Kurt Vonnegut authored "Nice Nice Very Nice", it was hits only from all.

Dupree was out first to do his 2 hits from 1980, "Steal Away" and "Hot Rod Hearts", with some of his harmonica playing sprinkled in between. He also would come back out to introduce the others and attempted a few jokes. In one he talked of being a mime in Greenwich Village in the 60s and later wrote a book called Tell That Man To Shut Up. I, like most the audience, thought he was serious for a brief second until the "punch line". Then he owned up, "It's a joke! I was kidding"! He pretended to be exasperated that we hadn't laughed harder at his humor.

John Ford Coley, one half of the legendary 70s soft rock duo England Dan & John Ford Coley, came off better with the witty asides talking about a Bavarian disco album (or some such thing) he once did and how no one could figure out the one line in "I'd Really Love To See You Tonight". Was it millennium? m&ms? NO, THE LINE WAS 'I'M NOT TALKIN' 'BOUT MOVIN IN...' And he said he was still proud of the fact that back in the summer of '79, his hit "Love is the Answer" and "After the Love is Gone" by Earth Wind & Fire were the only 2 NON-DISCO hits on the charts.

Peter Beckett also threw us a joke courtesy of his stepson....An Irish man walks OUT of a bar...And regaled us with stories, like record mogul Clive Davis listening to Player audition with "Baby Come Back" but not "hearing a hit." He was glad this was one of the few times Clive was wrong.

Stephen Bishop was quite enjoyable and was the funniest. "I wanted to use my band but they're all in various rehab centers in California", he said after complimenting Ambrosia. And when setting up "It Might Be You (Theme from Tootsie)", he said, "All my friends have asked me to play this at their wedding. Even my wife made me play it at ours. Then when she got re-married, I cried all night...FOR HIM." He also recalled his song "Separate Lives" (made popular by Phil Collins and Marilyn Martin) losing the 1985 Oscar to Lionel Richie's "Say You Say Me". And 1977's hit "On & On" began as a guitar chord he liked and would strum to please himself and others. But then he decided he'd better add something else to it.

After Bishop finished, he said, "We'll all be back out later and it'll be like...uh....WOODSTOCK NINE..." Ambrosia then took back the stage to jam on their very first hit, 1975's "Holding On to Yesterday", now sung mostly by bassist Joe Puerta, where keyboardist Chris North wowed us with his organ playing and Doug Jackson got to play a tasty guitar solo. And I'm liking the newer members very much, singer Ken Stacy and singer/keyboardist Mary Harris (drummer Burleigh Drummond's wife).

After this, everyone was back to the stage for a rousing finale of Ambrosia's hit cover of The Beatles' "Magical Mystery Tour".

Nice Nice Very Nice
You're the Only Woman (You & I)
Steal Away
harmonica interlude
Hot Rod Hearts
Nights Are Forever Without You
We'll Never Have To Say Goodbye Again
I'd Really Love To See You Tonight
Love Is the Answer
How Much I Feel
This Time I'm In It For Love
How Long
Baby Come Back
Save It for a Rainy Day
It Might Be You (Theme from Tootsie)
Separate Lives
On & On
Holding On To Yesterday
Biggest Part Of Me
Magical Mystery Tour
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Re: Rock the Yacht; Sugarhouse Casino Philadelphia, PA 8/17/

Postby Abbath » Sun Aug 19, 2018 2:10 pm

Love Yacht Rock
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