American Rock Festival, Kalamazoo Michigan May 27th, 1984

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American Rock Festival, Kalamazoo Michigan May 27th, 1984

Postby Abbath » Sun Sep 11, 2011 10:46 am

Back in the day I went to this and it kicked major ass!
Quiet Riot
Motley Crue
Night Ranger
Was glad to find these pics and articles on the web from this event.
A pal of mine and myself went the day before and parked out in a field where much of the parking was. The next day we walked to this ski resort with the tons of other people that did the same and got fairly close to the stage.
We had a great time.
Those were the days.

I would say this guy's review was pretty close to my experience. ... al-in-1984

"The American Rock Festival, Kalamazoo Michigan on May 27th, 1984 was a festival supposedly like any other. Of course, promoters had been trying to stage another Woodstock at various points since it happened; the best beyond the 60's era being Cal Jam I and II and the US Festival of '83 in California.

The American Rock Festival featured 7 rising hard rock bands of the 80s and was at a location (Timber Ridge Ski Resort) at which I don't believe any concert had ever taken place before."

the rest @ ... al-in-1984


I can't remember everything that was played that day so I'm looking for set lists from this event - so far I only found this one....

Ratt set list from that day...

Intro / Wanted Man
In Your Direction
I'm Insane
Back for More
Guitar Solo/The Morning After
Drums / You're In Trouble
Take You Higher
Round and Round
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